Yesterday, it occurred to me that since the new TECNO Phantom 5 flagship is both 4G/LTE and Dual SIM, it would be great to put

This was what happened when I put my Smile 4G SIM in TECNO Phantom 5

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Yesterday, it occurred to me that since the new TECNO Phantom 5 flagship is both 4G/LTE and Dual SIM, it would be great to put my Smile 4G SIM in it and not have to carry a separate mifi device around with me. You see, I love to travel light. The question was whether or not the Phantom 5 supported Smile’s LTE band.

Well, you know how we get excited here at when we get an opportunity to experiment. So, I set my heart to find out.

Tecno Phantom 5 and Smile 4G

Today, I cut my Smile SIM into microSIM size, then put it into the Phantom alongside my Glo SIM. The phone immediately recognised both SIMs and asked me to pick which SIM would serve for calls, which for SMS, and which for data. I picked Glo for the first two and Smile for the last.

Next, I went to Mobile Networks and pegged the Smile SIM to 4G Only.

Then, I setup an APN for Smile (I named it “Smile 4G”), as follows:

  • APN Name: internet
  • Password: Nil (No password needed)
  • Proxy : Nil (No proxy needed)
  • IP Version: IPv4

I then selected that APN, and thereafter turned on mobile data. *drum roll*

The 4G icon popped up in the notification bar at the top of the phone and I was connected at broadband speeds immediately. And I, Mister Mobility, lived happily ever after.

To God be the glory.

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  1. Hahaha! Mr. MO, Congratulations on your New Marriage O. I wish to live happily ever after like you O.


  2. lol, you actually cut your sim to try this? i love experimenting myself but i wouldn’t go this far

  3. And that is why he offered himself as a Guinea Pig our behalf 🙂

    Now, let us think of other things we could get him to experiment with for us hee hee hee.

  4. try it and get your sim card gone but you could also give it try and get a sim adapter if it doesnt work

  5. Mr Mo, Mr MO, Mr Mo, how many times did I call issokay ooooooo, continue to live happily ever after!

  6. Amazing!

    One terrific advantage of Dual Sims.

    Even when you wont use it for phone calls, future-proof companies like Smile come in really handy.

  7. lol…yes ooo happy married life,,, getting my phantom today too ooooo and will cut my smile sim too

  8. Phantom 5 isn’t the only phone with 4G. Mr Mo is just excited the dual sim can be utilised like this for greater efficiency and lighter travel.

    There are single sim phones with 4g but will u remove your sim card and insert data-only sim? No, I guess.

  9. every thing d tecno phatom 5 have dis samsung 2014 phone have it all. i am talking of Samsung galaxy s5 duos. dual 4G LTE sim port u fool, with even higher gpu and CPU to run FIFA 16 which my foolish tecno phaton z can’t run without d use of gltools to reduce d graphics. if u na cous Samsung again
    ell. na devil go punish u na fools wen no wor learn, the major combine production company to arm CPU and Mali GPU wen mtk use in d tecno are Samsung dem self and d England company which own arm u foolish Nigerian which don’t wanna learn any to talk and praise cheap phones. and even d Samsung galaxy s5 duos have water resistance fools, check it ur self

  10. I am saying tecno phantom 5 cant even run FIFA 16 with using gltools to reduce d graphics. if una cous Samsung again ell, I for use photon 5 and Samsung galaxy s5 duos. another thing na memory card of d phantom 5, e nor fit open my 128Gb micro SD wen I buy from Amazon, but my d Samsung galaxy s5 duos dey use am as if na him dem manufacture am for. nor talk any how, I dey pH ooo, I sell d phantom 5 to buy s5 duos. wen e nor fit open ordinary 128Gb wen my previous s3 dey use. guy take ur time ooooo. nor make me vex oooo. see my email I go send all d picture of dis phones with my 128Gb inside wen 70k nor fit run but galaxy s2 and s3 dey run well u. my smile 4G LTE dey run well for my Samsung galaxy note 4 duos well with my main mtn line dey inside sim 1 port . which is even faster Dan DAT stupid tecno wen make waste money sooooo and my recent 200Gb microsd card inside tooooo. if u cous Samsung again ell. make una nor compare elephant and small lizerd make u na read bfor u na talk any how. go see d different in 4G lte of Samsung s5 duos bfor u no talk any how. my name na zed. I sell my phantom bcus of FIFA 16 and my formal 128Gb microsd card wen e nor fit and buy Samsung galaxy s5 duos and later upgrade to note 4 duos bcus of my new 200Gb wen I buy from amazon dis black Friday wen e pass soon, I be website and programming developer. I hate wen pole dey talk any how.

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