One of the things I mentioned in my review of the Nokia 808 PureView was the fact that I find the built-in Twitter client for

Tweetian for Twitter on Belle OS

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One of the things I mentioned in my review of the Nokia 808 PureView was the fact that I find the built-in Twitter client for Belle OS unusable. Of course, I also mentioned that there are alternative apps available in Nokia Store.

I am quite a fan of Gravity, the popular Twitter client for Symbian/Belle. I have a paid subscription for the app too. However, try as I have, I have been unable to setup Gravity on my unit. The onscreen keyboard refuses to pop-up at the point of entering my Twitter login details. As such, I went in search of other alternatives – and came up with two: Tweetian and Neatly.

Tweetian is a free app written in Qt/QML and mimics the official Twitter app’s tabbed UI, so you feel at home with it immediately. I have used Tweetian as my default Twitter client for weeks now and find it capable. Most functions that I use regularly are there – reading and replying Timeline, Mentions and Direct Messages. The option to Retweet, Quote, Favourite, Copy and even Translate tweets are there. You can also tweet and copy permalinks.


When you tap on a link in a tweet, you are presented with options to:

  • Open link in web browser
  • Copy link
  • Send to Pocket (if you have an account setup), or
  • Send to Instapaper (if you have an account setup)

While you can view your profile, the option to edit it is not available. You can view the profile of other users too, follow/unfollow, as well as report as spammers. There is a “Search” icon that lets you follow trends, initiate and manage searches.

When tweeting, you can embed images and add your location. The Settings menu of the app lets you set a Dark or Light theme, enable the inclusions of hashtags in replies, and enable TwitLonger (for those of you who miss the whole essence of brevity on Twitter). The app can be set to update your Timeline, Mentions and DMs at intervals. An unread counts show up at the horizontal title bar at the top of the app. There is no audio notification though. The option to enable streaming is there, so you experience real time updates of your timeline, mentions and DMs.


While Tweetian supports only one Twitter account, it also lets you add a Pocket and Instapaper account each, so you can send links to those services.

What does Tweetian lack? You get no notification of who has followed you or favourited your tweets, which is something that is quite handy. As already mentioned, the ability to edit your profile is also missing.

In all, Tweetian is a very comprehensive third party app and comes highly recommended for any Symbian Anna and Nokia Belle user.


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