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Twitter Lite data saver app is for users on slow internet connections

Following in the steps of Opera, Facebook, Shazam, Skype, and others embracing Lite Apps, Twitter has launched its Twitter Lite app today. The new Twitter app is targeted at address the issues of slow/unreliable internet, expensive data tariffs, and lack of storage on mobile devices.

Twitter Lite data saver app

Key Features of Twitter Lite

Twitter Lite is a mobile web app that includes the following features:

    • data saver mode for minimized data usage
    • faster loading time for people on slower connections
    • usable even when the mobile network is epileptic
    • takes up less than 1MB on the smartphone

When you remember that almost half of all mobile internet connections are still on slower GPRS and EDGE connections, the need for this is immediately clear. You can access the new Twitter Lite by visiting mobile.twitter.com on your smartphone or tablet.

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