The TWS i7S earphones look like a pair of Airpods, but they are far more affordable – in cheap territory. I set out to find out how well they perform.

TWS i7S earphones review

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At first glance, the TWS i7s earphones would fool most people. Airpod! The pack fooled Boy Mo. I had to tell him that this is a cheap Airpod clone set. I didn’t tell him how much the set cost though. I needed to keep my rep intact. But the brand is i7s. Welcome to my TWS i7S earphones review.

So, I have used the i7S Airpod clone for about two weeks now and have my verdict. Before we start, here is a diagram that poiunts out the different features of the earphones. Note especially the Multi-function button on each earbud. It serves as power button, volume controller, and music play/pause button.

i7s tws review diagram

What Does TWS Mean?

TWS is an acronym for True Wireless Stereo, a technology that has been applied to the field of Bluetooth earphones. A TWS Bluetooth earphone like the i7s and others are products of the technology.

What Bluetooth Profiles Do The i7s TWS Earphones Support?

The i7s TWS earphones support HSP and A2D2 Bluetooth profiles, so are capable of not just handling telephone calls, but also stereo music playback from your phone or other devices.

How do I get my i7s TWS earbuds to work?

To pair your TWS i7s earbuds with your smartphone, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Take out either one of your i7s TWS earbuds from the charging case.
Step 2: Press and hold the multifunction button until the LED light flashes red and blue alternatingly.
Step 3: Go to the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone, enable Bluetooth and scan for available devices.
Step 4: Select “TWS-i7s” in the list of devices and your i7s TWS earbuds will be paired with your phone.

TWS i7S Airpods Review: How do I adjust volume on i7s TWS?

To Play/Pause Music: Press the multi-function button on either ear bud to play or pause music.
To Decrease the volume: Long press the multi-function button on the left earbud to turn the volume down.
To Increase the volume: Long press the multi-function button on the right earbud to turn the volume up.

TWS i7S Airpods Review: The Good

i7s TWS charging: I like the charging case or pod. There is a built-in battery, so not only does it protect the earphones, it can also charge the pair without being connected to a wall socket. In other words, the pod works like a power bank for the headphones. And it looks super cool too charging the airpods that way.

Besides being able to charge the i7s airpods by plugging any regular micro-USB charger to the pod/carry case, the sales box includes a USB-to-pin charger that can be used to charge each headphone directly. The pin charger plugs into the base of the stem of each headphone.

i7s TWS airpods Mini Bluetooth Headset

I also like the fact that I can use only one of the headphones if I like and leave the other at home, in a bag, or in the car. I am not a fan of plugging both ears: dangerous. Whether lying on the bed at home, walking along the street, or driving, you never know what warning sounds you are missing when both ears are plugged.

Audio volume of the earphones is loud, which is very good. You are not likely to find yourself straining to hear the other person for lack of volume.

TWS i7S Airpod clone review: Design

In terms of design, this is one of the better looking wireless headphones available. Being an Apple rip-off, that is no surprise.

i7s TWS Pairing: Pairing the earphones with my smartphone was without issues. To pair, press and hold the button on the earbuds till the LED light flashes blue and red. Then open the Bluetiooth menu on your smartphone and select TWS i7s to connect.

To pair both i7s TWS airpods, press and hold the button on both earbuds together, and repeat the same process on your phone.

i7s airpods - TWS i7S review open pod

TWS i7S Airpod Clone Review: The Bad

The worst possible aspect of the i7s airpods is the audio quality. Let me put it this way: in terms of audio, these have the about the worst audio quality among headphones I have reviewed in a long time. The audio quality isn’t crappy. It just isn’t up there with the best.

During phone calls, people at the other end often say they can’t hear me properly intermittently, and at intervals I have a problem hearing them properly too. Is it the microphone and the speakers, or is it a poor Bluetooth connection? Without technical equipment, I have no way of finding out.

But the TWS i7S regularly made phone calls an irritating affair, failing where it matters the most for me. The primary use of my audio earphones is phone calls when my hands are busy elsewhere – sometimes when I am working and at other times when I am driving.

tws i7s airpod clone earphones

Audio playback while listening to music or watching a video is the same: mostly good. You will hear some noise if you pay attention.

TWS i7S earphones review: Conclusion

The i7s TWS airpods look great, are comfortable in the ear, and have good battery life. I get about 5 hours of active use. Music playback is okay. But somehow, it occasionally lets me down during phone conversations.

It isn’t a bad earphones set, but if you need serious in-call audio quality, it will leave a mild sour taste in your mouth occassionally. Otherwise, you get good performance most of the time.

These i7s earbuds set costs just ₦8,000 in the market and can be found in retail stores, as well as online stores.

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  1. Good review. Just got a pair and they work well. No drops nor interrupted play. But where is the volume button?? I cannot believe how much info and videos and pairing with unboxing that mention volume, but none say where it is or how to access it. I have my player at max but the buds are low. Can you tell me where the volume is located?

  2. Great review!!
    Nice comfortable reading.
    And most importantly: perfectly accurate!
    I have mine since a week, and this great review resonates perfectly how I feel about these tws-i7s…

  3. I have seen users acting like they are perfect. I came to the conclusion that it’s either they are pretending, or they are not bothered by these areas for improvement

  4. This looks really nice, but I’ll prefer the one I can hang at the back of my ear lobes.

  5. Nice review
    absolutely one i have been looking for
    was actually having problems whether or not to buy any one of those until now

  6. I purchased these for music listening, hoping they would be at least adequate sound quality. They are not. Frequency response is worse than the worst wired earphones I’ve ever heard. These may be useful for phone calls, but music is not listenable on the pair I purchased.

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