With the SmileVoice app, you can now make voice and video calls and send SMS to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Download SmileVoice app to make voice calls on Smile 4G

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You can now use your one Smile 4G Data bundle for voice calls, SMS and video calls to call anyone on any network, anytime, anywhere from your mobile by using the SmileVoice App or putting a Smile SIM into a compatible VoLTE phone.


The service assigns you a Smile mobile number (it is in the format, +234 702 123 4567) which anyone can reach you on as well. Even better, when travelling internationally, you can use your Smile number without fear of huge roaming charges. Just connect your smartphone to a local WiFi or data network service and make your calls at your local Smile per second call rate.

download smilevoice app on phone


How to get SmileVoice on your phone

Insert your Smile SIM card into a VoLTE compatible smartphone and the service will be setup automatically, so you can make SmileVoice calls from your phone dialler. Note that even if you’re not using a VoLTE phone, you can still use SmileVoice app.


Download and install it for free (Download Android app | Download iOS app) on your mobile and follow the steps below:


1. Install and open the SmileVoice App on your mobile, and select your country
2. Use your Smile-registered email to request an activation code
3. Your activation code will be sent to you via email
4. Enter your Registered SmileVoice number and activation code into the App
5. The App will be successfully activated and you can make your first call

Smile 4G is giving out 30 FREE Voice minutes and 30 FREE SMSs to call or SMS anyone in Nigeria as a welcome promo. Note though that the free minutes and free SMS are valid for 10 days only.


SmileVoice app


SmileVoice Call Tariffs

SmileVoice call rates are charged in MBs to your active data bundle. For example, Smile says that if you have an active 10 GB data plan running, your effective SmileVoice call rate is 8.79 kobo per second. Sounds like a steal compared to prevailing mobile call tariffs. The bigger your data bundle, the lower your effective call rate. All text messages are billed at the value of 2 MB of data per SMS.

PS: Note that you will be unable to use Smile Voice if you are subscribed to an unlimited or midnite bundle. You need to buy a SmileVoice ONLY plan as well, if you have an active Unlimited or midnite plan. If you are on any Bigga, Flexi, BumpaValue, or Anytime bundle, however, you are able to use SmileVoice.


My First Impressions

SmileVoice logo


I have already subscribed to SmileVoice, got my number, tried it out on my phone, and both voice calls and SMS work as advertised. Interesting that I do not currently have a Smile data subscription and I was able to use the service over a WiFi connection. Basically, we are looking at something similar to how Skype calls work.

What is even more interesting is that the app lets you integrate calls into the phone’s dialler, and I am able to initiate 4G voice calls from there. No fiddling around to look for the SmileVoice app to make calls. I will share more about this service as I use my free minutes and SMS over the next 10 days.


Don’t forget: SmileUnlimited and MidNite plans cannot be used to make SmileVoice calls.

August 2020 update: A new Smile VoLTE smartphone, with a 5.45″ touchscreen and Android 9 Pie, is released with the SmileVoice app pre-installed.

Need Smile APN settings? To configure your smartphone or other device for use with a Smile SIM card, get the Smile APN settings.

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  2. Excellent.
    Mr Mo, can you please give us a list of phones that are compatible with smile 4G network.
    Thank you.

  3. Mr Mo maybe you can restrict it to the 4G LTE phones coming out in Nigeria that are compatible with the Smile 4G network

  4. Just look out for any phone that supports LTE band 20 (800MHz). Asus Zenfone 2/ZenFone Selfie, Tecno Phantom 5, Global versions of Samsung S5/S6/Note 4/Note 5/A3/A5/A7/J5/J7, LG G3/G4 etc are examples.

    2MB for sms (data wise) is expensive. In 2MB worth given 1GB goes for 1500, that’s N3. It gets cheaper the more data you buy though.

    It should be added that Smile Voice doesn’t work on the unlimited bundle.

  5. I have the Exynos version of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (SM N910H), it’s not compatible with Smile SIM

  6. Global versions of Samsung phones with model numbers ending with Fingerprint suffix support Smile’s band 20

  7. How can i get a smile number.. i have downloaded the app, but i don’t know where to register my email

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