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The Redmi 13C HyperOS Update Is Super Drab

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The Redmi 13C is a beautiful budget smartphone that launched in November 2023 and has been made available in Europe, Asia, Africa, as well as on Amazon U.S., meaning that U.S. residents can easily buy one. If you bought one, I have news for you. At the time of launch, it was running the old MIUI software from Xiaomi. But the new HyperOS update is now available for the phone and I went through what it had to offer.

HyperOS on the Redmi 13C is pretty much the same as HyperOS on the Redmi 12C, which I reviewed much earlier. There are little visual changes, not much to get excited about visually. The control center is not the new type, pretty much because I suspect this is entry-level hardware. I checked to be sure and there’s no option to enable the new control center style.

Redmi 13C HyperOS Update

There isn’t anything else interesting about the Redmi 13C HyperOS update. After handling the update on the Redmi 12C and now here on the 13C, I just do not see the point of the switch from MIUI to HyperOS. Visually, there is nothing exciting or groundbreaking. All we have left as consolation is the performance improvement that Xiaomi touts. And that is largely not discernable in every day use, at least not at this entry-level end.

Xiaomi could simply have made the background changes without any fancy rebranding. Because the announcing a rebrand creates expectations, and there is little met here. I love the hardware of the Redmi 13C, though. The design is catchy; this is a beautiful entry-level smartphone. You can watch the unboxing video.

But if we are been honest, in many ways, HyperOS appears to be a disappointing replacement for MIUI. It just offers nothing really exciting or groundbreaking. So much for all the hype about the new OS. At least on entry-level Xiaomi smartphones, HyperOS is pretty drab. Much ado about nothing.

If you own a Redmi 13C, check it for your HyperOS update and feel free to download and install it. If you are up to it, do share your thoughts here in the comments section below.

I am also open to hearing great news about HyperOS in other phones as well, so if you have used it on any Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO smartphone and found something noteworthy about the new software, do also share in the comments section below.

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