Google Pixel 6 Pro Unboxing: Beautiful, Chunky, Badass

Google Pixel 6 Pro rear camera

We love our unboxing sessions as much as the next guy, and today, we have pictures and first thoughts of Google’s latest flagship. In this Google Pixel 6 Pro unboxing, I share photos of this big, bad boy, as well as my first impressions of the device. But before we dive into the meat of … Read more

Nokia C1 hands-on review: the entry-level Android phone you want to buy

We go hands-on with the Nokia C1, a cheap Android phone

I doubt that there is any phone that has been rumoured longer than the Nokia C1. Well, hold on a minute. The Nokia 9 PureView is surely a contender here. Both phones were rumoured for about 2 years. One is the king of the hill, the other sits at the bottom of the barrel. We got our … Read more

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