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Google Pixel 6 Pro Unboxing: Beautiful, Chunky, Badass

Google Pixel 6 Pro rear camera
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We love our unboxing sessions as much as the next guy, and today, we have pictures and first thoughts of Google’s latest flagship. In this Google Pixel 6 Pro unboxing, I share photos of this big, bad boy, as well as my first impressions of the device.

But before we dive into the meat of the article, introductions are in order. Or as we say it in my neck of the woods, first of all, introductions.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Unboxing: Quick Specs

The 6 Pro has a massive 6.71-inch AMOLED display, and the result is a big phone. This is a departure from the pattern with Google, who have had a track record of keeping Pixel phones compact and handy.

Sorry to disappoint you traditional Pixel lovers, but I love the size. Here’s to bigger phones from Google.

Other specifications of the Pix 6 Pro include: Gorilla Glass Victims protection on the screen, 120Hz refresh rate, always-on display, a 5030 mAh battery with 30W quick charge, and a 50MP rear camera.

There are storage options of 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. Each of them is coupled with 12 GB RAM. Along with the Tensor chipset, you are getting mostly cutting edge specs and features.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Unboxing
There is no charger in the box. No headset either.

In the box is the phone itself. This unit is in the Stormy Black colour. There is no charger or earphones included. All you get is a USB cable, a micro-USB adaptor, SIM ejector tool, and the usual paperwork.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Unboxing: Photos

Google Pixel 6 Pro Unboxing
Google Pixel 6 Pro Unboxing
That 50MP rear camera that has everyone excited

Google Pixel 6 Pro Unboxing: First Impressions

The Pixel 6 Pro looks great. You can’t mistake the design for a phone by a y other brand. It stands out and so is great for making a statement. But it doesn’t just look good; it feels great in the hand too.

If you love your phones compact and have been a fan of Google’s Pixels, I don’t know how you are going to respond to this. It is not business as usual. It looks like Google has made a new beginning with this model.

If you want one, the price starts from $630 for the 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage base variant.

I love the Pixel 6 Pro, and I am excited that Google has gone down this new path with it. What do you think – yay or nay? Are you getting this or the Pixel 6?

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