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What does a smartphone reviewer do when he gets the chance to publish a Samsung Galaxy A3 Core unboxing and hands-on review? Duh. He takes it! And that was exactly what I did.

Samsung is the world’s largest Android phone maker, but the brand is not very prolific at the entry-level. The Galaxy A3 Core is an entry-level Android s.smartphone, and I got my hands in one and took it for a spin.

In this my Samsung Galaxy A3 Core unboxing and hands-on review, I share photos of the box and its contents, as well as my first impressions of the device.

Samsung galaxy a3 core box

But first, a picture of the positioning of this phone. The Galaxy A3 Core is on the lowest rung of the ladder, occupying the same place as its predecessor, the Galaxy A2 Core. It is directly below the Galaxy A02 and above that is the Galaxy A02s. Higher up the ladder, you will find the Galaxy A10s and the Samsung Galaxy A12. At the extreme top end are the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra.

So, again, it is clear that this is Samsung’s entry-level offering. If you want the cheapest Samsung smartphone, it doesn’t get any cheaper than the Galaxy A3 Core. Now, let’s get into the unboxing and hands-on review, and have some fun!

Samsung Galaxy A3 Core unboxing and photos

Samsung galaxy a3 core unboxing

The box contains the phone itself, paper documentation, 3.5mm audio headphones, wall charger, and SIM slot ejector pin.

Samsung Galaxy A3 Core hands-on review

Samsung galaxy A3 core hands-on

It is time to handle the phone and see what it is like.

Of course, considering its price point, the Galaxy A3 Core is built of plastic material. In the hand, it feels solid – like it is well built.

It is a compact smartphone and feels just right in my hands. I am a fan of compact devices. Those screen sizes that keep inching towards the figure 7 are just stressful to use compared to compact devices.

Samsung Galaxy A3 Core has a 5.3-inch display. Being a low-end phone, it has some bezels all round.

It runs Android 10, so there’s Dark Mode (Yay!). Internal storage is 16GB. Of that, 11GB is free at boot. There’s a memory card slot though, so you can add a microSD card for extra storage.

The card slot is dedicated too, meaning you do not have to give up any SIM in order to put in a memory card. Yes; it has two SIM slots and a memory card slot.

Samsung galaxy a3 core dual SIM dedicated microSD card slot

RAM is 1GB. It is early days, but at least the first impression I get is that the switching through apps, the phone runs smoothly. We will see if that changes after a longer period of usage and report on it in our full review.

Of course, the trick with low-end phones is to not switch through many apps at the same time. 1GB RAM is pretty limiting and you have to manage that. You don’t drive a city car like you would a sports car; do you?

Also, this is a 4G LTE smartphone. 4G Android phones are found at slightly higher prices these days, so this is one of the cheapest in the market.

At the back, all you have is the camera. There is no fingerprint reader on this baby. Many competing devices at this price point have one though.

Samsung Galaxy A3 Core hands-on video

Entry-level smartphones are always a game of give and take, as the manufacturer has to decide what features to leave out in order to keep the price below a certain point.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy A3 Core, it misses a fingerprint scanner and a big display. In exchange, it gets 4G LTE.

Competing phones at the same price point have a fingerprint reader and a bigger display, but lack 4G LTE.

Is that a trade-off you are willing to take? At the end of the day, it is your call.

In the meantime, our full Samsung Galaxy A3 Core review is cooking and will be served soon, so stick around. The full review is ready now. Click HERE to read it.

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