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I was at the iPhone X launch in Lagos last week. Of course, what is a launch event without an opportunity to spend some hands-on time with the product? Yes! Find out my first impressions of Apple’s latest smartphone in this Apple iPhone X Hands-on review.

Apple iPhone X Hands-on Review 0 on stand

The iPhone X is drop-dead gorgeous. That trademark quality of craftsmanship that Apple is known for is written all over this sleek device. It is a beautiful merging of glass and metal with nice, rounded corners.

The FullView display with 18:9 aspect ratio is gorgeous too. At first, it felt strange holding an iPhone that had no Home button. I wondered how well it work. To get back to the homescreen from any app or menu, just slide up from the bottom edge of the screen. I repeated the gesture at every opportunity to see the sucess rate. I got a 100% success rate: it worked every time.

You certainly won’t miss the now gone hardware Home button.

The Apple iPhone X is also water and dust resistant and a dual camera on its rear side. The iPhone has always had great camera implementation. Apple is bragging about this one too, and the sample photos I took do not suggest that the bragging is empty. I got some pretty cool shots with nice depth and details.

Unfortunately, there was no way to transfer the photos to my own smartphone, so sorry; I have nothing to show you.

The phone has FaceID, of course, but I didn’t get to try that out.

Apple iPhone X Hands-on Review Photos

The Lagos launch was an evening event with very dim, coloured lighting, which reflects on the pictures.

Apple iPhone X Hands-on Review - top of screen

Apple iPhone X Hands-on Review - phone in hand

Apple iPhone X Hands-on Review

We have the full iPhone X Specifications for you if you are interested in further exploring the features of the phone.

If you want the iPhone X, what exactly is holding you back? If you are big, you are big. Go spend the money. It looks and feels like a great Christmas present to yourself and to loved ones too.

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