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Mobile Application Development Solutions: 5 important things to consider before you start building apps

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Smartphone usage is projected to reach a whopping 2.87 billion in the next three years. The steep rise in smartphone volumes is a clear indicator that these pocket-sized devices are increasingly gaining traction due to constantly improving features and functionalities. With consumer expectations on the rise, applications are being developed to strengthen the value proposition of these devices. This, in turn, is driving the market for enterprise mobile application development solutions.

Mobile Application Development Solutions

Five Things to Consider Before Building an App

While the enterprise app development market is definitely in an uptrend, there are certain things to bear in mind prior to investing in mobile application development solutions. This could ultimately make or break your product’s success.

Choosing the Right OS Platform

The right choice of platform is critical for successful implementation of a mobile application development solution. This will inevitably depend on your target audience. A vast majority of smartphones run on either iOS or Android and these platforms vary in popularity and in terms of revenue. While there are more takers for Android, iOS users spend 2.5 times more on in-app purchases than their Android counterparts. Keeping this in mind, you can either opt for a native app or cross-platform app development to suit your target audience’ preferences.

A native app is developed using platform-specific languages. Due to the unique build of these apps, they boast advantages such as an intuitive user interface (UI), high performance user experience (UX) and platform integration capabilities. However, this approach is time-consuming and expensive since it requires more skillful developers to create apps specific to more than one platform.

In contrast to native apps, cross-platform apps are developed keeping in mind modifications that can be made based on the platform during launch. The flexibility incorporated in the build of these apps saves time and costs during development.

In contrast to native apps, cross-platform apps are developed keeping in mind modifications that can be made based on the platform during launch. The flexibility incorporated in the build of these apps saves time and costs during development.

With the help of mobile application development solutions, you can create native and cross-platform apps at much quicker pace. This results in a much more efficient platform strategy, whether you are focusing on iOS or Android app development. Apart from the platform flexibility, mobile development services allow you to create a UI-based custom mobile application on your requirement.

Accessibility and System Integration

The purpose of your app is arguably the most important consideration in the pre-development phase. This determines what your app would be offering as a service to the user. One of the most desirable attributes of a mobile app is accessibility. Needless to say, for a wireless device, the functionality of apps needs to provide just as much mobility to the user.

Integration to back-end applications like ERP, SCM, and CRM, is another aspect to consider while defining the purpose of your app. Enterprise Application Integration entails the exchange of data between your app and an enterprise’s existing software. To have a well-planned integration strategy prior to development can extend the life cycle of an app by years as the solution is future-proof.

Mobile application development solutions enable your business application development model to have a comprehensive integration strategy. An ideal mobile application development solution will let you connect your app with your legacy software seamlessly. Mobile application development solutions also allow you to process data from anywhere through the integration of your systems.

Cost of Developing an App

Determining the budget for app development is the next step once you have figured out the extent of your app’s functionality. There are plenty of factors that affect the cost of developing an app. Mobile application development solution allow you to cut back on the budget by tackling these very factors. However, the primary objective of creating a comprehensive budget is the determination of cost areas. Some of the factors affecting cost are:

  • Build of the app: A complex app with an advanced look and feel will enhance UX but be more expensive to develop. The opposite of true with a mobile app development using low code platforms.
  • The development team: Whether you are developing an app from scratch or outsourcing your project, you will require a team of professionals to work across various stages of the app development process. The team usually includes designers and developers.
  • Integration strategy: If your app idea includes the aspect of integration to external backend programs, it will require the implementation of an Application Programming Interface (API). An API ensures the exchange of data between software programs.

With mobile application development solutions, you can significantly cut down costs that would otherwise increase your budget. Mobile application development solutions allow you to carry out quick iterations based on feedback. Most mobile app development services enable you to create designs through a visual interface, allowing you to develop wireframes by dragging and dropping elements at desired locations. The automated code structuring provided by low code mobile application development solutions allow you to reduce design and development cost and save time. HokuApps is one such option.

Monetizing Your App

Once you have an idea of the budget, you will be able to figure out the channels to monetize your app. The most popular monetization channels are:

  • In-app purchases
  • Advertisements
  • Email lists
  • Sponsorships and partners

Mobile application development solutions ensure a simple approach to payment for your app, by allowing on-the-move payments rather than weekly or monthly transactions.

Adhering to App Store Guidelines (iOS/Android/Windows etc.)

App stores have certain guidelines that you need to follow to ensure your app is featured in the marketplace. If your app has objectionable functions such as stealing user information, it will not be published on the app store. Considering the ethical approach of mobile application development solutions, it is worth implementing them to adhere to marketplace guidelines.

Robust Mobile Application Development Solutions: A Look At HokuApps

Mobile App Development Platform

When it comes to mobile application development solution providers, there are a lot of options to choose from. However, the HokuApps mobile app development platform provides a complete model to handle all the complexities of iOS and Android application development (among many OS platform). With the support of the HokuApps mobile application development solution, you can design and deliver your custom mobile application at a much greater speed. The integration allows your app to be connected to existing systems, ensuring a comprehensive business application development implementation.

Here is a short list of advantages of implementing the HokuApps mobile development application solution:

  • Faster app development – at 10x speed
  • Comprehensive integration platform – instant integration
  • Best-in-class security provisions for your app
  • Complete solution from specs to deployment

Mobile application development solutions provide a wide range of services. It is very important to understand your requirements and choose the right mobile application development solution.

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