Malfunctioning WiFi connection on your phone: How to fix it

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WiFi has become indispensable in today’s mobile, always-connected world. A smartphone with malfunctioning WiFi is the last thing you want to deal with on a busy day.

But what do you do when that happens and your phone’s WiFi doesn’t work? There are a lot of things that could bring about a malfunctioning WiFi connection on your smartphone. However, there are just as many ways to fix this problem when it happens. Explained below are some things you can do to troubleshoot and fix it.

Fixing Malfunctioning WiFi On Your Phone

Fixing Malfunctioning WiFi On Your Phone
The method to activate Wi-Fi is similar in almost all Android phones
  1. Try to switch off your WiFi and switch it back on. Do the same for your router, then check your connection again. Also, you could turn on Airplane Mode for a little moment and then turn it off.
  2. If that doesn’t work, try to restart your phone. If possible, restart it in Safe Mode. Here’s how: press down the power button, hold down the Power Off option for a few seconds, then select OK when asked if you want to reboot in Safe Mode. After that, you can restart your device.
  3. If your WiFi disconnects on is own, it might be because you have not enabled the Keep WiFI on during Sleep option. This would disconnect your device automatically o save battery. Here’s how to change it: Go to Settings>WiFi, then tap the three dots on the top right corner of the screen. Select Advanced, then tap on Keep WiFI on During Sleep, and select Yes or Always.
  4. Perhaps your device cannot connect to the WiFi network because of a problem with IP authentication. In this case, try to restart your router. If it still doesn’t work, carry out a factory reset. Also, there’s an app on Google Play Store called WiFi Fixer. This app restores system files and essential services for your WiFi network to work well.
  5. Well, your device might connect to the network, but the browsing speed will be frustrating. This you can blame on network congestion. This means that too many people are using the same connection at once. But then, if you have a fully functional router, and thee I no interference of any sort yet you still have this problem, try installing Speedtest on you device. This will how you your actual download and upload speed and tell you what is the problem with your internet connection.

There you have it. These solutions should get your malfunctioning WiFi connection to work properly.

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