If you want the most affordable mid-range Samsung smartphone with good performance, this is the phone to get. Here is our quick Samsung Galaxy A20 2019 unboxing, served hot and spicy. 


Samsung Galaxy A20 unboxing and hands-on review: hot budget phone

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Samsung’s Galaxy A20 is the base mid-range model in the new Galaxy A series lineup. What do I mean by that? If you want the most affordable mid-range Samsung with good performance, this is the phone to get. Here is our quick Samsung Galaxy A20 2019 unboxing.


Samsung Galaxy A20 2019 Duos Quick Specs

Samsung Galaxy A20 2019 unboxing
Samsung Galaxy A20 unboxing
  • Display: 6.4″ Super AMOLED display with a waterdrop notch
  • 32GB internal storage
  • Memory card support for cards of up to 1TB
  • 3GB RAM
  • 13 MP + 5 MP dual camera with LED flash
  • 8MP selfie camera
  • USB Type-C connector
  • Fingerprint reader (rear-mounted)
  • 4000mAH battery + 15W fast charging

In terms of specs and features, the Galaxy A20 is very similar to its smaller sibling, the Samsung Galaxy A10 (see Galaxy A10 specs; see Galaxy A10 hands-on and unboxing). The A20’s display is 0.2 inches bigger, but they share the same processor and internal storage.

Where the A20 is superior is in the bigger screen, more RAM, and a bigger battery. And those things make a difference.


Samsung Galaxy A20 2019 unboxing and hands-on review

Samsung galaxy a20 2019 unboxing - in the box

In the simple white box are the following items:

  • the Samsung Galaxy A20 phone itself,
  • a USB cable,
  • fast charging adapter,
  • 3.5mm headset, as well as
  • paper documentations.

It is pretty much the same contents in the Galaxy A10’s box.

Samsung Galaxy A20 2019 Hands-on Review

Here are quick and direct answers to some of the most common questions that I have been asked about the phone. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, do post it as a comment and I will respond to it.

Does Samsung A20 have a fingerprint scanner?

Yes; Samsung A20 has a fingerprint scanner located at the back.


Does Samsung A20 support fast charging?

Yes; Samsung Galaxy A20 supports 15W fast charging standard.

Does Samsung A20 screen have Gorilla Glass protection?

No; Samsung Galaxy A20’s display does not have Gorilla Glass protection.

Does Samsung Galaxy A20 support 4G LTE?

Yes; the Galaxy A20 is equipped with a 4G LTE radio in both SIM slots. The phone also supports dual 4G-VoLTE.

Is Samsung Galaxy A20 a good phone?

As far as I can tell from our Samsung Galaxy A20 2019 unboxing and hands-on time, this phone is a fair proposition from Samsung. It offers a fair number of features and specs for the price.

It is made of a nice polycarbonate material – again, the same one used in the A10. And that is a good thing, because it reminds us of higher-priced Samsung phones. You are holding a ₦50,000 smartphone in your hand and it does not feel cheap.

The Galaxy A10 has a small weakness – the 2GB RAM it was equipped with, which led to slow opening of apps and switching between apps. That weakness is gone here, as the 3GB of RAM that we have in the A20 is adequate for smooth app launching and switching.


For ₦52,000 (about $146), you get a solid Super AMOLED display, a rear-positioned fingerprint scanner, 3GB of RAM, 32GB internal memory, dedicated memory card support, a hefty 4000mAh battery, and Samsung has thrown in 15W fast charging to sweeten the deal. It is a very likeable package.

The small snag here is that being a Samsung, the Galaxy A20 still costs more than the average competing smartphone in the market. The difference isn’t as bad as it used to be before. Samsung’s strategy with the new Galaxy A series is to offer closely-priced alternatives to the legion of affordable phones from Chinese manufacturers.


More expensive it is, but definitely also more reasonable, and more people will be swayed to buying it. Already, it is proving quite popular in the market, and we would not be surprised to see impressive sales figures at the end of the year.

Samsung Galaxy A20 2019 splash

Enter: Samsung Galaxy A20s

The A20 is so good that Samsung has come up with a minor upgrade called Galaxy A20s. The A20s is powered by the same processor found in the A20, but has a slightly bigger 6.49-inch Infinity V-display with a waterdrop notch. But AMOLED is swapped for LCD. And the 0.09″ seems superfluous to me, but hey!

You will like that it has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, which are clearly upgrades to what is in the Galaxy A20. And the rear camera takes a bump from dual to triple. Of course, it costs a little more than the A20. Check out its specs and price HERE.

That is it with this Samsung Galaxy A20 2019 unboxing. Before you go, here are some comparison reviews involving the Galaxy A20. We pitted it against some of the popular alternatives in the market today:

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  2. Beginning to look like it is not only Apple that is being forced to drop prices precipitously..

    Even at the midrange,Tecno and InfiniX are being compelled by the likes of Xiaomi, Umidigi, Cubit to price more aggressively and competitively..

    We are witnessing increasing parity in pricing across brands.

    Who would ever imagine Samsung of this level of specifications would cost peanuts such as this?

    Competition is surely good.

  3. Can’t believe Samsung could ever produce a phone like this at such a low price, maybe because they see the way other brands are coming up real fast by producing great phones in the smartphone world. Galaxy A20 is a phone to buy, it’s real value for money.

  4. It’s good these mobile phone manufacturers are now trying to pity the low-income earners who also deserve to use high-end phones by realesing such powerful phones as this into the market. This is really a laudable decision. I hope as time passes, the price would be reduced more and more.

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