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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra unboxing, hands-on review, camera samples, and first impressions

My first impression about Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was made long before I bought it. I thought that the phone was too expensive at the starting price of $1200. I couldn’t bring myself to buy one as long as it stayed at that price.

However, the gods of mobile smiled on me. Here in the US, we have started seeing discounts and deals a few months after the phone launched. The best deal I have been able to find here is on Google Fi. You can snatch the phone on Fi for $600. I’m not sure you’d find a better deal than that for now.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra unboxing, hands-on review, and first look
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra unboxing

With the price of the phone out of the way, I was greeted by what in my opinion is one of the best looking smartphones in the market right now. In terms of design, take the S21 Ultra, replace the round edges with square ones, and you pretty much have the S22 Ultra.

I am particularly impressed by the styling of the camera layout on the back of the phone. Individual rings protruding directly from the body of the phone itself, giving the impression that the cameras are one with the phone. The S22 Ultra is definitely a looker. The only downside I found to the design of this phone is the size. This phone is damn too big. Of course, everyone isn’t going to agree with me on that one.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra unboxing
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra unboxing

Moving on from the design, when you turn on this phone, your eyes will be treated to a gorgeous and glorious display. Samsung have mastered the art of display manufacturing down to the science. I am just going to say it now, their displays are the best period. You’re not going to find a flagship display that’s better than the one on the S22 Ultra.

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I’m not even going to mention the LTPO 120Hz technology behind the display, because we have come to expect them on flagship phones. My favourite feature that Samsung implemented on this display is called, eye comfort shield. It works and it’s not a gimmick and I think more manufacturers should copy Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra unboxing, hands-on review

Having only had this phone for a little more than a week, I can tell you that my general initial impression has been good. The battery is not shabby, though I will need more time to test the phone and report back on battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra hands-on review: Photography

Photography is one major reason why people splurge on premium flagships. From the photos I have taken with the S22 Ultra, I can say that the cameras take good shots. Here are a few samples:

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra selfie sample
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra sample photo from the main camera

Looking at photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and iPhone 13 Pro Max, though, I noticed that the iPhone does a way better job in interpreting the colour of subjects. We took several photos of the girl in a green dress. Have a look at samples:

Girl in Green - Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G main camera sample
Girl in Green – Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G’s main camera renders the green dress as blue.
Girl in Green - Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max main camera sample
Girl in Green – Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max’s main camera renders the colour of the dress accurately.

We took several shots, and every time, the Samsung showed the costume as blue. In reality, that costume is green. To be honest, I’m disappointed with the S22 Ultra’s colour rendition. The iPhone got the colour of the custume 100 percent right.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is an impressive smartphone and works like one expects of a phone of its price and class (except for that colour reproduction issue in the camera samples). And, as mentioned earlier, I got mine at a very sweet deal – about 50% of the launch price.

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