Visible phone service reviews: A roundup

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Visible is an American all-digital wireless carrier that competes against T-Mobile’s Metro by T-Mobile, AT&T’s Cricket Wireless and Dish’s Boost Mobile as part of the prepaid wireless service provider brands. You can get unlimited data, talk, text and hotspot for as low as $25/ month on their Verizon-powered network. 

Visible phone service reviews

Visible phone service reviews on the Trustpilot website

On the Trustpilot site, there were less than 20 good reviews out of the 409 on the site. The site had an overall star review rating of 1.5 stars out of 5. Let’s start with the good reviews, some were happy with how affordable they were in comparison to some other phone services and their internet service. A lot of customers also wrote on the company’s unlimited plans and they seemed very happy and had few complaints. Here’s a review:

•Switched from Verizon to Visible and I didn’t notice any difference in the service, besides now paying $25 a month with unlimited data, voice, text and hotspot. Granted Visible is not for everybody, those that need to contact customer service all the time or access to a store will not be happy with them. Also if you don’t have great Verizon service in your area don’t expect a better service with Visible. I would suggest giving them a try and see how it goes, for $25 is not a huge investment if it doesn’t work for you.

Now onto the bad reviews, there were major complaints on the company’s service. There were also some complaints about their daily chats and customer service not responding or solving their problems. There were also some issues regarding sim cards and cell service. Some reviews also mentioned that the company did not fufill their promotions. Here’s one of the reviews:

•VISIBLE is the worst cell service… with them for 2 years, NEVER MORE THAN 1-2 Bars in Los Angeles.

This has been the worst cell service experience of my life. Sim card failed, CS Rep said 3 different days one was on the way! Never showed, so finally got sick of the runaround, called CS to cancel the account, was told OK, account cancelled. Next day was charged again!!

After 10 days currently of no phone, no phone number, no fix, and ZERO help from “support”. DO NOT go to Visible. It is a horrific company that will take your money while not providing any actual service. It’s cheap because it doesn’t work.  


Visible phone service

Visible phone service reviews on Product Hunt website

I came across reviews on Visible’s phone service on the Product Hunt website and the star rating was almost the same as Truspilot’s. It had a star review rating of 1.3 out of 5 stars.  Let’s start with the bad reviews, there were complaints about the company’s data speed, service and dropped calls. Some customers were not happy with the company’s tech support and employees. They mentioned how some of the employees make false promises to customers and how tech support doesn’t fix their issues. Here’s a review:

•I have been with them for 4 month with a party of 4 lines. Honestly speaking, do not sign up with this HORRIBLE carrier. This carrier has been giving me nightmare since day one. I bought the iPhone 12 pro max from them and I had issues starting with my first call (drop call). I, along with all other lines from different city with different devices, have experienced call issues that we have never had: drop calls, the other side can’t hear me, call fails, white noises, and some other call issues that I didn’t even know it was exist. This happens to all our 4 lines in various areas with different devices DAILY. Yes, I like the price but I can’t stand not be able to make a phone call. Customer services? No hope. I am in the process of switching all 4 numbers to other carrier. BTW, when it shows full bar on 5G, my speed test on download is 10-12Mbps. It’s slower than my previous 4G LTE speed. Tested on iPhone 12 Pro Max from Visible.


Here is another one:

Visible phone service

Honestly, there were no good reviews on the Product Hunt website and I searched but did not really find any other site with reviews, so that’s all. 

Last Words

After reading through a lot of reviews, I would say it looks like Visible has a huge amount of work to do in improving their phone services and satisfying their customers. 

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