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Grasshopper Business Phone reviews: The good, the bad, the ugly

Grasshopper Business Phone is a virtual phone system designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It requires no hardware and their app allows customers to communicate on your cell phone, whether in the office, at home, or wherever else. 

Grasshopper business phone reviews

Grasshopper business reviews on

On the g2 site, I found some reviews on Grasshopper’s business phone and the majority of reviews on the site were good. Although, every review had a pros and cons part so there may not be many bad reviews but there will be complaints even from good reviewers. Some customers wrote about their happiness with some of the feature on the company’s business phone. Some customers also praised the company’s app, both mobile and desktop apps. Here are some pros:

•Unified phone system. We are a mobile service company and it allows us to have the technicians keep using their own phones and customize our on call schedule. The call blasting is great to make sure no call gets missed.

•Grasshopper is a neat plug-in for Rhinoceros that allows for some smart, complicated math to create experimental design. It requires some almost “coding” but for those with a puzzle-minded brain, it’s enjoyable to work with and try different options.


•The user interface is easy to navigate, listen to messages.

Now onto some cons, some customers were not happy with the cal quality and the complexity of some features. There were some complaints about tech support and slow desktop interface. Here are some cons:

•The desktop interface is visually unappealing and it’s not easy to notice when you are getting a call from your desktop.


•Accuracy of the Inbox is VERY poor. Their tech support has told me that the app will log out automatically after not using for a while. The problem is there is no indication to the user. When they open up the app again, it shows several voicemails in the Inbox, but they are not all really there! This is very confusing to my users. Every other app that I have will automatically update the Inbox upon opening, or refreshing. Grasshopper does not. I strongly dislike this aspect! I may look for an alternative to this service.

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•It can be a little complicated at times to understand how to use and put the various bits of code together. It could be easier to use if there were more helpful hints about how to create the flow of your program, or to see things change live as you manipulate.



Grasshopper business phone reviews

Grasshopper business phone reviews on the GetApp website

On the GetApp site, 88% of the reviews were positive. On this site, there are also pros and cons for every review on the site. Let’s start with the good reviews, some customers were happy with the business telephone features on the apps and how easy it was to set up. 

•Grasshopper is very easy to use. They’ve made both web client and app available to make outgoing and receive incoming calls.

•Grasshopper offers business telephone features that you will pay a lot more for with any other provider. You get a phone number, voicemail, unlimited calling, IVR, multiple extensions, and custom call management.


•As a small business employee with mostly working remote the ability to use our cell phone for work and keep the calls separated has been great. The voice announce feature when a call comes through so you know it is a business call verse personal is awesome.

Now onto the cons, there were some complaints about the call quality and Wi-fi calling. There were also a few complaints about customer service and the android app having some issues.

•A huge disappointment all around. The only good parts are the text auto-reply, and that you can have multiple people access the texts on lines they are allowed access to. The worst part for us is that when we ported some numbers to another provider we lost access to all of our records (text messages, call logs and voice mails) associated with those numbers.

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•There are only two things that I dislike about Grasshopper. The plan pricing is the first on my list. They offer three different plans; I have the cheapest one which costs $29 per month which includes the phone number plus three lines. Second, I dislike that in order to use the Wi-Fi calling feature, you must first disable the Wi-Fi calling feature if you already use it with your cellular plan.


Grasshopper business phone reviews

Last Words

 After reading through a lot of reviews on different sites, Grasshopper Business Phone has some things to improve on but it seems like the company has a lot of potential. 

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