Two ways you can watch Big Brother Naija (#BBNaija) on your mobile phone

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You do not have to miss a thing on the Big Brother Naija live show just because you are not at home. Thanks to the DStv NOW mobile app and DVB-H technology, you can keep up with the show everywhere you go.

Now that Big Brother Naija is running again, we have seen fans run into all sorts of hitches. One viewer lamented about public power supply being out and her generator acting up. Many other fans get stuck in traffic heading home from work and miss out on juicy parts of the show.

Watch Big Brother Naija live show on mobile
Watch Big Brother Nigeria live show

We can go on with more examples of why it is a good idea for you to have access to view Big brother Naija on your mobile. The idea is that regardless of the situation, you do not have to miss your favourite show.

1: Watch Big Brother Nigeria Live online using DStv Now app

To watch Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) on almost any smartphone or tablet, you need to download the DStv Now app for Android or iOS, depending on the device you have. Download DStv Now app for Android HERE. Download DStv Now app for iOS HERE.

The app is free to download and to use. Of course, you will use up data while streaming the show, so make sure you have an adequate data bundle active, or a Wifi connection is available.

DStv fullscreen photo - tv apps review

What DStv packages are accessible on DStv Now app?

  1. DStv Premium,
  2. DStv Extra,
  3. DStv Compact Plus,
  4. DStv Compact
  5. DStv Family,
  6. DStv Access

In the past, if you were on any package apart from Preimum, Extra, Compact Plus, and Compact, you were not able to use the app to view BBNaija. Now, it does not matter what plan you are subscribed to, you will be able to view shows on the DStv NOW app.

Once the app is installed, follow the steps below.

How to use DStv Now app to watch Big Brother Nigeria Live

1. Launch the app and login using your DStv account. The option to register is there as well, if you aren’t already registered.

2. You will also be required to link your smartcard number during registration.

3. Open the DSTV Now Menu and select the Live TV menu.

4. Pick “Big Brother Naija Live Broadcast” from the lost of available shows and enjoy.

2: Watch Big Brother Naija Live on a DVB-H phone

DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcast – Handheld) is a mobile TV format. It has not gained widespread usage and is considered a dying technology now though. Still, if you happen to own a compatible smartphone, you are in luck.

Watch Big Brother Nigeria live on a DVB-H phone

Both MTN and Glo networks offer DVB-H transmission, so you can watch Big Brother Naija on a compatible phone without having to use the DStv Now app. Simply use DStvMobile from MTN or DStvMobile from Glo.

Lastly, whatever option you choose to go by, it is a good idea to have a fully charged power bank with you if you will be streaming Big Brother Nigeria on your mobile device.


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