Hello there!! The weekend is here, another time for us to rant on any aspect of mobile. Apologies, we haven’t been consistent with the series.

Weekend Rants : Why have iPhone users refused to upgrade?

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Hello there!! The weekend is here, another time for us to rant on any aspect of mobile. Apologies, we haven’t been consistent with the series. Today, we look at why iPhone users have refused to upgrade. Is it some form of charm or juju? Or does it mean that iPhone users are all so satisfied with their phones?

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This rant was inspired by an article I read HERE. It said that nearly one-third of iPhone users are still using a 4-inch screen. Let me clarify: Remember that 4-inch iPhones consists of cthe iPhones 5, 5s, and 5c. This means that a huge percentage of users have refused to upgrade, or seen no need to. Look at a statistical chart showing some of the stated facts:


The big question is WHY? Why have many iPhone users refused to upgrade? We all know that iOS users enjoy the privilege of receiving updates. This adds new features to older devices. So can we say, iPhone users mostly see no need to upgrade, after all they get the latest features?

What of the app ecosystem in general? That lock-in whereby one has invested so much in apps and they find themselves in too deep they can’t get out? This issue doesn’t necessarily influence upgrading an iDevice, after all apps is software.

Can we agree that high prices is the reason why iPhone users haven’t upgraded? Or can we say they’re still locked in with the network contracts very common in the western world?

Lastly, maybe it is the Apple juju that is stopping users from upgrading. That same juju that locks them in the platform. Same charm that stops them from flirting with Android or any other platform out there. I’m strongly convinced that this may be the reason why Apple is preparing to release yet another 4-inch device this year. The new phone is expected to bring hardware upgrades for these small screen lovers.

Are there any iPhone users in the house? Have you upgraded your device recently? Your thoughts?

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  1. Most of the speculation up there is just “huh??!” Let me attempt to give you a glance as to why many stick with the 4″ iPhone they currently have:

    1) “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” – it may surprise you to know that most iPhone users are content with with their phones. Yeah we may complain about battery life and 16GB memory but like taking public transport in Lagos, we learn to adapt.

    2) if you get a good deal with your existing device, why change? In places with monthly tariffs, operators will offer you a better (cheaper) tariff if you don’t bother to change device, and as some people can get a decent SIM only deal, if you don’t have a problem with your phone, why change it?

    3) some people actually like their phones (shock horror!) inasmuch as I don’t mind a larger format phone, I have no problems with a 4″ iPhone 5, in fact I quite like the size.

    Apps have little to do with the decision to get a new device; you can upgrade and easily get all your apps transferred and installed onto the new phone. But why bother?

    A friend bought an iPhone 4S, then a year later upgraded to an iPhone 5, which she has been using for the past 3 years. She dreamily talks of buying an iPhone 6S but I suspect that her current phone would have to die suddenly before she seriously considers getting one. Likewise, someone else has an iPhone 4S. Initially she complained about the 16GB memory, then talked of buying an Android phone. Years later, still with the 4S and doesn’t feel the need to get a new phone as what she has works and does what she wants it to do.

    You could also say Apple shot themselves in the foot by creating a well built device that doesn’t inspire users to upgrade ☺️

  2. I used to change my iPhone till I decided to slow down. Started with iPhone 3G, then iPhone 3GS. Used that for a while cuz I was contended.

    I moved to iPhone 4s cuz I needed something with more internal memory and I used it for about 3 years. I didn’t bother to change for years cuz what the iPhone 5 & 6 could do, my iPhone 4s could do too.

    I was running the same OS version with all the newer devices… So what?

    The thing with Apple devices is that once you own one you’re contended with, you just don’t bother about upgrading.

    But then, some people consider their budget and just decide to stay put and learn to be contended.

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