Concore Glass is as tough as Gorilla Glass, but is different; find out how

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The display protection used on the Xiaomi Mi 4 is not Gorilla Glass but something called Concore Glass. What is interesting is that Concore is made by Corning too. The question you must be asking is, What is ConcoreGlass and how is it different from the famous Gorilla Glass?

What is Concore Glass?

In lay man’s language, Concore Glass is as hard, resistant to scratches and damage as Gorilla Glass is. The only difference has to do with the type of display. If you are not technically inclined, this is where you should stop. If your smartphone has Corning ConcoreGlass, it is just as well protected as if it had Gorilla Glass.

Concore Glass by Corning

The Technical Jargon

Gorilla Glass is used for protecting traditional discrete-cover glass manufacturing. In other words, the protection is implemented on top of the display. On the other hand, with Concore, the protection is a single unit with the display – OGS full screen lamination technique is combined with the glass touch panel, making it possible to make thinner displays.

We have an article explaining all the different Gorilla Glass competitors. You can check it out here: Gorilla Glass competitors: the other screen protection you should know of

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  1. At the end of the fat, the koko is, would my phone crack when dripped from one feet. If so, then carry your Concorde goooo

  2. At the end of the day, the koko is, would my phone crack when dripped from one feet. If so, then carry your Concorde goooo

  3. Lol. Most of this ‘cunning’ products really merit their name. But the concore does sound good

  4. The rare metal palladium increases the plasticity of glass and prevents cracks from spreading, making if unbreakable

    It would be costly, but break_proof smartphone screens are feasible, but currently commercially impracticable

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