Wildflower Phone Case Review round-up: The good, the bad, the ugly

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Wildflower is a popular phone case brand in the US and other countries. The Wildflower phone case brand has been blowing up on Instagram and TikTok, with many celebrities collaborating and promoting the brand. It is a family business owned by Michelle Carlson and her two daughters, Sydney and Devon Carlson, who are also social media influencers.

The average Wildfire case costs about $37 excluding shipping. Are these phone cases worth the price? Is their customer service top-notch? Let’s find out. This article is a brief summary of reviews of different sites, and all the links to those sites are provided, so you can have a look for yourself.

Wildflower Phone Case Reviews

 The Wildflower Phone Case reviews

The first site I went to was the official Wildflower website, and it majorly consisted of good reviews expressing satisfaction over the quality of the phone cases and how stylish and durable they are. After scrolling for minutes, I did find a few reviews complaining about late delivery, but the customers stated they would still continue to buy the cases. So what I got from the reviews on the official site is that Wildflower phone cases are durable, cute, and stylish. They are made from good material and last long.

The user review system from the Wildfire website says that “74%of reviewers would recommend these products to a friend.” (Source)

wildflower case reviews from the official website.

The next site is called Trustpilot and on this site, you will see a lot of not so good reviews about the phone case brand, but most of the complaints were not about the cases themselves, but about customer service. Most of the bad reviews were complaints about the company’s customer service and complicated return policy. Over 70% of the reviews were of this nature, so that is saying a lot.

Furthermore, there were more complaints about late shipping of orders and not providing tracking numbers before the orders were shipped. After reading all the reviews on this site, It seems like the cases cannot be returned, and you have to put up with the customer service and shipping problems. (source).

A Wildflower case review from Trustpilot
A Wildflower phone case review from Trustpilot

As seen in the screenshot above from Trustpilot, the buyer describes the cases themselves as “great”. Their grouse was with the company’s service culture.

Wildflower phone cases are also being sold on Amazon, and that was where I headed next. This time, there were some complaints about the cases. But apart from that, most of the reviews were good. Here is one reproduced below:

This product fits very well. It was definitely worth every penny. It is protective and not too thick either. It is an original Wildflower case and I would definitely purchase it again. This product slips on well but is simple to take off. The back is smooth and the case is a durable material. I definitely recommend it!


Last Words 

After reading Wildflower phone case reviews on different sites, I would say you could take the risk and buy one, if you really want to. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, because no company is perfect. If the complaints about shipping and customer service are valid, though, Wildflower has some work to do.

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