Zultys Phone System Reviews

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Zultys Phone System provides users with the same tools and features on their mobile devices as the phone back at their workplace. Zultys MX systems support on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid deployments for businesses of all sizes and packs its IP phone systems full of business enhancing features which in the end, allows companies to gain a competitive advantage and achieve rapid return on investment.

Zultys Phone System Reviews
Zultys Phone System reviews

Zultys phone system reviews on G2 website

The site had an overall star review rating of 4 out of 5 stars. I also want to mention that there were also a few sites that had reviews on Zultys phone system so all of the reviews on the site are from years back. Let’s start with the likes, a lot of customers mentioned that the app is very useful and has a lot of features. Some customers said it was quite easy to use and navigate through and Zultys makes it easier to reach out to people and get a faster response. A few customers liked the fact that it is an excellent tool for handling calls as a solution for a call or business centre. Here’s a few of the reviews:

•Zultys MXIE allows you to take your phone with you everywhere. From a Softphone on your PC or Mac, a Mobile app on the go along with working with hard phones for your office. It is a full featured cloud phone system.

•Mxie is the most compact digital telephone of all the virtual telephony equipment that we have known. This tool can carry out the control of every incoming and outgoing call of the company. In the same way in this daily service as this call center. The administrative part which my person counts with a DID number and additionally comes with a master number of a CPA service.

•Our call center has tried unanimously to find a solution to customer service calls, with this action we found the solution Zultys MXIE, a high-end digital telephone softphone, fulfills the function of connecting to the telephone exchange of the company and in turn, according to the tasks assigned to the user profile, they attend a call queue or telephone campaign. In my case as supervisor of the telephone camps area, I am in charge of monitoring the incoming calls that are attended by the operators. This tool is quite useful for receiving and making phone calls, as well as parking each call.

Now on to the dislikes, a few customers pointed out it is hard to figure out the system by yourself but when you get the hang of it, it will be easier. There are also a few complaints that sometimes the system hangs or sometimes the status does not get updated. Apparently, it’s slow when using VPN and sometimes does not work well. A customer also wrote about how he/she felt the software was a little bit outdated in comparison with some other systems he/she had used. There were a few other complaints about not getting a lot of support from Zultys and how calls are not stored/recorded. Here’s a few of the reviews:

•Does not currently store/record all calls. It would be nice to pull calls dating back further.

•The only thing I do not want or like about the equipment is that when performing different functions, such as a conference or call transfer, it does not allow me to continue working, since the tool hangs. Additionally, it does not show a connection or call error when it is executed, as would a normal desk phone with access to the telephone exchange. Therefore to supervise a call, it would have to be done from the log of the telephone exchange.

•I dislike that sometimes I wonder if it’s running because it isn’t always necessarily in your vision but that is more proof to show how great the program is. Even when we wonder about if it’s running, it always turns out to be so sometimes it’s so discrete you forget its there.


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Zultys phone system reviews on Software Advice website

The software Advice website had an overall star review rating of 3.75 stars out of 5 stars. I also want to mention that there were also few sites that had reviews on Zultys phone system so all of the reviews on the site are also from years back. Let’s begin with the likes, a few customers were happy with the quality of Zultys calls and their mobile app. According to some customers, Zultys is easy to set up and is user friendly. A customer spoke about how the software has different functions that can be used to monitor and review calls and the faxes and voicemails are easy to retrieve. Here’s a few of the reviews:

•It works well for remote office telephone use. It has a good app that allows calls from your mobile while protecting your mobile number. Faxes and voicemails are easy to retrieve.

•It works. You need to make a phone call, you need to transfer and utilize a voicemail box. This product does everything it says it does. I unfortunately did not purchase this product so cannot tell you how the value for money compares, just that in being a user of MXIE who is competent with technology, it gives me no issue.

•Not much. Call quality is good as long as our internet service is working well. Retrieval of messages is good. We also like that we can save and forward the actual message of the caller.

Moving onto the dislikes, there were a few complaints about the user interface being a little outdated and in need of an update. Another customer said it is not user friendly and quite difficult to figure out the system. A customer complained that reporting was lacking and difficult to work in. There was also a complaint made about how the settings are complicated to change and another one talking about how the software is sometimes a little glitchy. Here’s some of the reviews:

•Somewhat complicated to change settings. Requires the entry of complex server addresses for login. Sometimes it doesn’t connect with my office phone and it can get confused when using MXIE to dial numbers.

•It is not user friendly. Even when you poke around to figure things out it is not right in front of you or easy to find. You have to know the system almost in and out.

•They are moving to a new UI and it removes some functionality that was available in the old application. The phone app does not work consistently enough to work for our on-call technicians.


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Last Words

After reading through all the reviews on different sites, it seems like Zultys has some improvements to make but they seem to be doing a decent job. 

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