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PhoneSoap 3 UV cell phone sanitizer reviews: How well does it work?

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PhoneSoap 3 UV cell phone sanitizer reviews
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The PhoneSoap 3 UV safely sanitizes your phone by blasting away bacteria with UV-C light while simultaneously charging it. The official claim by the manufacturer is that the UV-C light kills up to 99.99% of the bacteria living on your phone and it uses a dual universal cell phone charger.

PhoneSoap 3 UV cell phone sanitizer reviews
PhoneSoap 3 UV cell phone sanitizer reviews

Phonesoap 3 UV cell phone sanitizer review on Amazon website

The Amazon site had an overall star review rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. Most of the good reviews were quite repetitive so were the bad reviews but let’s start with the good reviews. A lot of customers were happy with the device saying that the device cleaned out the germs on their phones very well.

Some customers claimed it is very comfortable and easy to use especially for doctors and nurses who have to be germ free at work. A few customers were happy that the company replaced their broken cell phone sanitizer for free after complaining. Here’s some of the good reviews:

•It’s a little price but at least I know it’s working. I originally bought a cheaper non-name brand that had an obnoxiously loud alarm on it when it was finished sanitizing. This has no noise at all. Also there are so many confusing things out there saying that the cheaper ones out there don’t work because they have a different type of UV light and so you never know if it’s actually working or not. I bought this one because it was on a shark tank and I know that they would have gone through rigorous testing to prove to the sharks that it actually does work before they would have invested in it. So like I said, it’s expensive but it’s the only one out there that I’m confident works and nowadays you really can’t put a price on your health and well being. I need to make sure that what I’m using is actually sanitizing.

•I bought this in the early days of Covid-19 and use it whenever I go out. I can put my wallet in it, my phone, my keys, and even my mask (though not all at once). Open and close it to turn it on. It runs for about 10 min. and your item comes out with a slight static smell.

I had an issue with the top-side light not functioning, sent it to the company who fixed it and sent it back within about a week– free of charge. Very happy with the purchase, function, and company’s customer service.

•I’m a nurse that works in a setting that definitely exposes my stuff, especially my phone to germs. It’s inevitable that my phone will come across some type of germ when I’m working, regardless how many times I wipe it down with an alcohol pad or cavi wipe. It makes me feel at ease knowing that I can put this in the phone soap to eliminate 99% of any bacteria it houses (based on reviews and scientific photos.

Now on to the bad reviews, there were a lot of complaints about the sanitizer not working properly after a few days, months and years. And some even mentioned that they got a new one and the same thing still happened. The cell phone sanitizer doesn’t appear to be quite durable. There were also complaints about the light bulbs, apparently after a few tries the light bulb dies. Some customers also wrote that it takes time for the device to come on, they had to keep putting it on and off and pulling the plug before the device works. A few customers mentioned that the cell phone sanitizer is expensive and it has an odd smell after the phone has been cleaned and is out of the sanitizer. Here’s a few of the reviews:

•I bought three of these ones for my office and one for my home and one for my friend and so far two out of the three have completely died after just a couple of months use. I pulled one apart and completely rewired it. Seems to be working OK now but the product suffers from a very poor product engineering using very sub standard material and overhyped product reviews. It’s a great idea it really needs to be out there but this thing is a junk pile.

•Items appear used. It is covered with fingerprints inside and out. A rubber foot (1 of 4) from the bottom of the unit was missing. I found it stuck to an inner plastic wrapper accompanied by an extra (5th) rubber foot. It looks as if it has been repaired and repackaged. This is not the new unit I ordered.

•This broke after a couple months. UV light comes off and on during use. Many times I can’t get it to turn on at all. Very disappointed in its reliability.


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Phonesoap 3 UV cellphone sanitizer review on Bestbuy website

The best buy website had an overall star review rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. Same with the reviews on Amazon, the reviews are repetitive on this site also. Let’s begin with the good reviews, a lot of customers found the cell phone sanitizer easy to use and mentioned that it could be used for different things like rings, wallets, pens and so much more. A few customers advised not to put phone cases in with the phone, especially plastic ones. There were complaints about the durability of the light bulbs but customer service agents explained that the bulbs have a lifetime warranty and that made a lot of customers quite happy. Here’s a few of the reviews:

•This product is one of those “take it on faith” products. I just have to assume it is doing the job as I have no way to prove it; BUT I use it anyway for phones, rings, pens, retainers, toothbrush heads, wallet, anything that will fit inside. Great concept, convenient and easy to use.

•I bought the unit in 2020. Everything worked great, no issues. About 2 months ago, the light stopped working. I looked up the warranty, and found it came with a lifetime warranty on light bulbs. So, I contacted phoneSoap. Their customer service (Daphne) was awesome and provided detailed instruction on how to obtain the warranty service. Now I have a working phoneSoap again with no cost to me. Great product! great service!! Love it!!!

•I bought this for Christmas 2020 for my hubby. He was so excited for this and uses it every time he needs to. Advice, don’t put your phone case or anything with plastic inside (no binkies!) because it definitely smells like melting plastic. Overtime, it would harm plastic items.

Moving onto the bad reviews, most of the reviews complained about the same thing so there isn’t much to talk about. The major complaints were about the durability of the cell phone sanitizer itself and the durability of the light bulbs. A lot of customers complained that after a few uses or months, the light or sanitizer just stopped working and some of them claimed they replaced it with a new one but the same thing kept happening. Even though the light bulbs have a lifetime warranty, its not quite convenient to keep requesting one every month. There were also a few complaints about the sanitizer not having an on/off button. Some customers said that they had to wait for it to finish even if they were in a rush because if you take the phone out before the time it would still continue to clean which wastes electricity. Here’s some of the reviews:

•I would not recommend it. This is an expensive phone cleaner that should work for more than 16 months. When it did work you had to position your phone perfectly for the lid to close when your phone is in a protective case. Don’t waste your money.

•Bought this for my husband Christmas 2020, unfortunately it didn’t even make it a year (maybe 6 mo.) before the top light stopped working. Very disappointed. Wouldn’t recommend it.

•Product does not work. Sanitizing indicator light turns off the minute the phone enters the chamber. Could not get through to someone for support.


Last Words

After reading through a lot of reviews on different sites, it seems like the Phonesoap 3 uv cell phone sanitizer is a good product, but not a very durable one. 

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