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TESCO Mobile phone service: What users are saying

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What users are saying about TESCO Mobile phone service.
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TESCO Mobile is a virtual mobile network provider that uses O2 network as its carrier. TESCO Mobile was founded on the 29th of May 2003 in Chestnut, United Kingdom. They offer monthly payments and a 24 month contract to their customers. TESCO Mobile also offers 3G, 4G and 5G coverage. How good is TESCO’s Mobile phone service? Here’s our round-up of different reviews that will help you decide for yourself.

What users are saying about TESCO Mobile phone service.

TESCO Mobile Phone Service Reviews On Trustpilot

Trustpilot was the first site I visited and the site had an overall star review rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. There were a lot of good reviews on the site so let’s start from there. A lot of the good reviews were about the company’s services being affordable. Some customers mentioned that TESCO Mobile is a very reliable network provider and they have good deals. Their employees and customer service agents were also praised by some customers for being friendly, polite and helpful. Here are a few of the good reviews:

•The staff in the mobile phone shop at Rawtenstall are fantastic!. They are friendly, polite, helpful and patient. They explain everything clearly making for a very pleasant shopping experience . Excellent service.

•Excellent service by Robyn at Tesco Cumbernauld in changing mobile providers. Robyn was knowledgeable and made the whole process very easy and straightforward – it was much appreciated. Thank you.

•Everything I asked was answered and explained correctly so I was satisfied with the service and could not ask for more than that. This is why I continue to go back to tesco mobile year after year.

Now, on to the bad reviews, there were a few reviews where customers complained that they had trouble porting numbers and changing contracts. They wrote they had called customer service but the issue still has not been resolved. I noticed there were a lot of complaints about customers’ orders getting cancelled. Some customers complained that it was difficult to order online and when they were able to, they found out their orders were cancelled days after delivery or right before delivery.

One or two customers mentioned they had received faulty phones from the company and that it was difficult to solve the issues because some of the customer service agents were unreliable and didn’t understand how to solve simple issues. There were also very few complaints about poor reception and not being able to receive calls. Here are some of the bad reviews:

•No one know what they are doing in that call centre. I pre ordered the iPhone 14 pro max and kept on being push to pillar to post, told our credit agreement should be sent but we never received, until today nearly 2 weeks since we pre ordered that they have cancelled our order and we will need to re order. Once trying to re order there is no stock left. Isn’t a pre order meant that you are guaranteed a phone??? Ridiculous customer service

•Terrible experience porting numbers with Tesco. It took several days and multiple phone calls when I first joined the network and it’s been even worse when trying to change to a new Tesco contract recently. Still not resolved after a week and currently on my third day of no service, there’s also a possibility that Tesco have completely lost my old number.

•faulty phone delivered. Replacement phone not delivered on day promised. Nightmare trying to talk to the Tesco helpline to try and sort out the problem they created (2nd phone call was 23 minutes and gave no resolution as I was told that I couldn’t cancel the order).


What users are saying about TESCO Mobile phone service.

TESCO Mobile Phone Service Reviews On Site

 The site had an overall star review rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. There’s a good mix of good and bad reviews but let’s begin with the good reviews. TESCO Mobile seems to be affordable according to some of their customers who claim their prices are reasonable and the deals are amazing. Some customers mentioned that the customer service agents were friendly and polite and even went as far as mentioning the agent’s name in their reviews. Here are a few of the good reviews:

•Excellent customer service, value for money, Voice quality inside the house a vast improvement on EE my previous network with uninterrupted and no dropped calls. This despite EE having less vol. Data speed is not as fast on tesco mobile on 4g but still good. Overall, I was very pleased I switched. Recommended..

•I have been with Tesco Mobile for such along time and I have had five star service every single time I text up thank you. I highly recommend it to all. Steph Brittain.

•Been with them for years. Good coverage even if they do “piggy back” on O2. Customer care I have found is 5☆. Understanding and polite.

There were a good amount of complaints and some of them were about cancellation of orders, poor service and poor signal. A customer complained that he ordered two phones from TESCO Mobile and they somehow got lost during delivery. He contacted customer service and he was told the issue would be resolved but it still hadn’t been resolved according to the customer’s review. There were more complaints about customer service agents who were clueless and couldn’t solve customer’s issues. Here are some of the bad reviews: 

•I returned a new phone to tesco by dpd they got their phone back i have a contract with them for 2 phones one was lost so ordered a new one for my partner he found is old one so returned the new one my bill for aug came in at 390pounds they said don’t worry you will be refunded my bill should be 30/40 per month got sep bill in 40 fine still no refund from last month they owe me 360 pounds still waiting lost track of the calls to them called again today said they would call back at 1.15 still waiting it is now 4.20 not happy with them.

•I ordered two Samsung mobile phones over £400 order. Due for delivery on 26th Feb 2022. Without customer service they opened an investigation with DPD. Customer service said I would receive a call on Friday to give me an update. No one called had to chase, and still no update. They think the phones are lost, but still haven’t offered me a refund.

•Coverage is ok but the Customer service is useless. They’re very nice on the phone but are incapable of getting anything done. Called them for a basic issue recently and had to speak to 9 different agents on 5 different occasions and still haven’t resolved the issue.


What users are saying about TESCO Mobile phone service.

Last Words

After reading through the numerous reviews, I would say I have mixed feelings about TESCO Mobile so I’ll leave it to you guys to decide if you want to use TESCO Mobile’s services. After all, no company is perfect and it seems like TESCO Mobile has a lot of improvements to make.

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