I always thought I was the perfect boyfriend. Never turn to look at other girls. Never chat for more than 2 minutes with a female

10 (or so) geeky ways to wow your girlfriend on her birthday

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I always thought I was the perfect boyfriend. Never turn to look at other girls. Never chat for more than 2 minutes with a female friend. Always call her first. Don’t let your phone ring twice before you pick her calls. Never get angry…and the list goes on. But one of the most important rules when dating a girl is coincidentally about dates. Yes, specific dates. Like her birthday. Last year, I got into really hot water for a mistake I never thought I would ever make. I didn’t post a birthday message on her Facebook wall!

But after enduring a full month of the hair-dryer treatment on this matter, I began to think about how many times someone like me has gotten into this mess. Somehow, I feel this incident was caused in some measure by my seeming addiction to my phone. I usually prefer doing Facebook on my laptop rather than on my phone. That’s where I missed it. As I pondered the consequence of my actions this year and thought it best to start strategizing on how to make a big comeback next year.

Now, all the ideas here are things you can easily do with your phone within a few minutes.
So here are my suggestions on how to turn the tables and make an impression of a lifetime while scoring geekpoints on your girlfriend’s birthday.

1) Trend her Twitter: Give her Celebrity status for a day using tweets. Hash tag her name on Twitter and make her trend for a day.

2) Gangnam style : Do a Youtube video and post it on her Facebook page. Share with all your friends and her friends by tagging them.

3) Blog about it!: Do an hourly blog about her on blogspot about all the things you love about her using the Blogger app.

4) Instagram in Code: Get a digital artist to do a rendition of her image in code then post it on Instagram. Follow this up by tagging the image with links to it on your blog about her. Very geeky, eh? (wink wink)

5) Create an app about her and get as many people as possible to download it. Then push all your birthday content on her via the app. Touchdown!

Now I know I promised 10 geeky points in this article, but then I thought these ideas are too cool to leak out. I probably should be paid for this (lol). And since I know she’ll read this article, the surprise might be ruined if I let all 10 cats out of the bag. So I challenge you guys out there to come up with other cool ideas. You can share them in the comments.


  1. Nice.
    Although, mine would be super-geeky: like create a game, themed around here.
    Create and promote a page on Facebook, Google etc that only targets her: wishing her a Happy Birthday.
    Launch a big project, that’s in her name and do a major publicity for it; this can be assist in trending the tweets.
    I guess that’s all I can think of for now!

  2. My girlfriend is not techie so what I do is Web sms.
    Buy units of online messages and programme as many sms as possible (hourly or every 30mins) with different messages.. With the names she called me most..
    On that day even if i forget to call, my messages will be ringing her phone for me as from 4am or 6am..
    She got to call me thanking me for the sms..
    Those unit of sms don’t expire…

  3. @Tonardo, of all the things listed up there, I think I like your style most. Its the easiest for me and the one my woman will appreciate most. Thanks for that tip.

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