UDisk Cloud Download review

There’s this great feature of UC Browser most of us must have seen and ignored. It is called UDisk. I admit for about 5 years, I’ve used UC Browser and I never ever looked at UDisk Cloud Download. But as fate would have it, during one of  my various geeky wanderings in search of useless knowledge, I came to realize what a great service it was.


UDisk is a cloud storage feature, that lets you store up your impending downloads on UC servers then download them at a later convenient time.

They offer you a permanent storage of 2GB where you can directly save your files, and a temporary storage of 4GB where you temporarily store files for a period of 7 days (you can renew it when the time elapses, to last  for another 7 days). Good thing is you can move your files from the temporary to the permanent storage section.  

Here’s how you go about using UDisk:


1.) Sign-up for a UCweb account. With this account, you also have access to both UC forums &  the UDisk service. Click here to sign-up for the service

2.) Set your browser to “speed mode”. Speed mode compresses webpages and also helps pages load faster. I personally noticed, once “speed mode” is switched off, the cloud download feature doesn’t work.



3.) Browse to the files you want to download, and click on “Cloud Download” instead of the normal “Download” button.

4.) This opens up the UDisk Window. Simply save your file to your preferred storage section, and you will see it appear on your list of files.


5.) From there, you can now download the files whenever convenient.


What Is Great About UDisk

The UDisk service is good for the following reasons:

1.) UDisk just looks like it was tailor-made for we here in Nigeria where generic data plans are highly expensive. With your available data, you can stack up your downloads and wait till when you come across free WiFi. Like office WiFi 😉

2.) All files successfully uploaded to your UDisk account are on resumable download links. Even if the file was originally on a non-resumable download link. You have the golden gift of pausing and resuming your downloads at your convenience.


3.) You can copy your direct download links, go to your account, click on cloud download, create, and paste them there to upload the file straight to your account.


4.) Downloading from UC servers is quite faster compared to when you download it directly from the site.

5.) The service is free and doesn’t cost you data to upload files to your account.

UDisk Cons

The UDisk service, as good as it is, has some short comings:

1.) It doesn’t have the feature of link-sharing of files Dropbox-style. This means you can’t distribute links of files you’ve uploaded to your account. I heard they will incorporate this feature later

2.) Like we all know, cloud storage isn’t something one should heavily rely upon. It could fail you anytime. So be sure it won’t hurt much if you lose the files you leave there.


3.) Snooping and privacy is also another issue. One can’t really tell if the UC guys are monitoring your files.

4.) It only works on UC Browser, you can’t save a file on UDisk and download it with another browser.

Despite these short falls, I still love the UDisk service, and it has helped me greatly to cache and download movies. Do check it out and see if you will like it too. Happy Independence Day!!

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