Nothing beats Xenon flash (yet)

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If you are into cameraphones and want nothing but the best all-round experience, look for a cameraphone with a Xenon flash. I can end this here now without any further explanation, and I have just given you a simple tip to solve most of your camera phone woes. But then, an explanation will not hurt.

Professional cameras use Xenon flash

If you are searching for the best camera phone, one way to narrow down your search is to check if it uses an LED (single or dual) flash or a Xenon flash. Knock off all the options without Xenon. The camera phone you are looking for is likely to be among whatever is left. You see, because Xenon flash is more expensive then LED flash, only phones designed to provide superior imaging experiences ever get fitted with a Xenon flash. And it is no gimmick. Xenon flash is what professional cameras use.

Lumia 1020 has Xenon flash

Xenon provides better illumination

Take two indoor or poorly lit scenarios with a cameraphone with Xenon flash and with other cameraphones without, and 11 times out of 10, the cameraphone with the Xenon flash will deliver the best result by far. The differences in the results are really striking. Xenon lights up scenes better and produces more natural lighting too.

Xenon provides faster illumination

Yes; a Xenon flash has much faster illumination time than LED lights. As such, if you want to capture moving images, a cameraphone with Xenon flash captures the moment crisp and clear, while one with LED flash result in blurs in the moving parts. A gesticulating speaker, a running man, a jumping child, rotating fan blades, a dancing girl, or any moving shots for that matter. Xenon delivers much superior results. LED flash always produces blurred images in those conditions.

An Example

Look at this perfect motion shot by the Samsung Galaxy k zoom:

k zoom xenon flash Christianne

A cameraphone with LED flash would have resulted in blurs on her moving arms and also would not have delivered the kind of uniform, natural lighting that you see in the above photo.

Xenon Rules

Of course, there are very good cameraphones that do not have a Xenon flash. But if “very good” is not good enough for you and you want the very cream of the crop, do not ignore Xenon.

The superb performance expected of the top camera phones is why manufacturers fit them with Xenon flash. Why engineer a phone to give top details, splendid colour rendering and other qualities and then spoil the low lighting experience by omitting Xenon? This is why Xenon is what you find on professional cameras. And that is exactly why all the best camera phones in the world have one. Think of these Xenon camera phones:

  • Nokia N8
  • Nokia 808 PureView
  • Nokia Lumia 1020
  • Samsung Galaxy K zoom

Pitch any of these guys against competitors packing LED flash in any low-light test and discover that there really is no competition. Dual LED doesn’t even come close. Till something better is invented, Xenon rules.

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