Much ado about nothing: Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Phone beeps, a notification pops up. 6 apps are waiting to be updated. Head on to Play Store (or whatever store). The apps are listed, you select one open the change log and see the phrase: Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Sigh. This line of recent has made me start asking, ”What really is bug fixes and performance improvements? Which bug are they fixing? Which bug was fixed? How is the app performance different from what it was before?”

The reason for this rant is that on countless occasions, I’ve updated apps without noticing anything. Makes you wonder why are you being pushed to update the app in the first place.

I’d say it’s silly to have the above phrase for an app update change-log. Why should I waste my time and data just for bug fixes? WTF!! Henceforth, I’ve chosen to ignore any app update that carries that tag. In short, any app update that doesn’t come with significant changes or features isn’t really worth wasting data for.


  1. Yeap I do check the change log too before updating especially for games. I recall a game giving me 34mb update. On checking I saw it only had “now available in spanish” or something like that.

  2. “Bug fixes” is very vague – or maybe they don’t want to scare us with the nature of said “bugs”? Just a thought 🙂

    And, like deji mentioned, some updates only add language support. And some add updated to work with X operating system – which I don’t plan to use *shrugs shoulders*

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