11 Iconic Phones From 2003 to 2019: How Many Of These Beauties Did You Own?

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A mobile connoisseur’s life is one of fun and excitement. I have owned over 200 mobile phones from 2001 till date. I have friends who are connoiseurs too, with great taste in mobile phones.

One of my fellow mobile connoisseurs sent me photos of his collection made up of 11 iconic phones from 2003 to 2019. Can you recognise any of the phones in this collection? Did/do you own any of these beautiful devices?

11 iconic phones from 2003 to 2019
A mobile connoiseur’s delight: 11 iconic phones from 2003 to 2019

Let’s look at what phones we have in this mobile collection that goes back all the way to 2003.

11 Iconic Phones From 2003 To 2019: The Collection

From left to right (ignore the plastic case at the extreme left, please):

  1. Alcatel 311 (2003). This is a really cute oldie. I owned one and remember it with fond memories. It was my 4th mobile phone and for Internet access, it used Circuit Switched Data. In plain Eglish, that is dial-up, and it cost ₦50 per minute then to dial! You can read a bit about it and other Alcatel phone in this throwback article, Down memory lane with Alcatel phones – part 1. My friend says this his unit is no longer working.
  2. Nokia N9 (2012). The Nokia N9 was a superb phone that had everyone talking back in the day, thanks to its deautiful design and very fluid operating system, MeeGo OS. I was one of the first individuals to own one, thanks to Nokia who sent me a unit as a gift after its announcement. You can have a look at my Nokia N9 unboxing, as well as my Nokia N9 review.
  3. Nokia Lumia 920 (2013). Lumia 920 was the first Windows Phone 8 device from Nokia. While it was a bit on the chunky side, it quickly gained popularity and yes; Mobility Arena reviewed it. I remember it mostly for its gorgeous display. See our Nokia Lumia 920 Review.
  4. Nokia 808 Pureview (2013). And drum roll for this legendary camera phone. This was the first of its name and of its kind. It packed a 41-megapixel camera that shot mind-blowing photos and left every competitor in the dust in its day. See our Nokia 808 Pureview review.
  5. Jolla phone (2013). I never got to own the Jolla phone, but I did get to review it, thanks to my friend who let me spend some time with his. Jolla runs a customised version of Android OS called Sailfish OS. I didn’t like it much and after using it for a while, my verdict was that it broke my heart. See my Jolla phone review.
  6. Nokia Lumia 930 (2014). I loooved the Lumia 930. It was so near-perfect that for years after I stopped using it, I kept it around just for the fun of it. I’d love to own a smartphone with the same build quality again. Here is my review: Almost Perfect: Nokia Lumia 930 review
  7. Blackberry Passport (2015). There will never be another smartphone like the BlackBerry Passport. It was unique, it was powerful, it was versatile, and it sure commended a lot of respect wherever you showed up with it. Here is the Complete BlackBerry Passport review, and a follow-up BlackBerry Passport long-term review that was published just last year in 2019. I still have a Passport in my personal archive. It works, but the software is quirky now.
  8. Blackberry Priv. (2016). The Priv was BlackBerry’s first non-BlackBerry smartphone. Older BlackBerry phones had run BlackBerry OS and BB10 OS, but this new kid ran Android OS. It had a build that was as impressive as the BlackBerry Passport. Check out my BlackBerry Priv Review.
  9. Blackberry KeyOne (2018). The KeyOne was another gorgeous phone, but for what it offered, I was of the opinion that it was over-priced. TCL has since discontinued production of BlackBerry phones and it looks like it is goodbye to this brand that was highly loved by many.
  10. Sony Xperia XZ Premium (2019). I was once a lover of Sony/Sony Ericsson/Ericsson phones riht from the early days of the Ericsson R380 and R320. Somewhere along the line, my love waxed cold. It doesn’t mean they stopped making solid phones. The Xperia XZ Premium was a solid flagship and had a superb 4K display. See our Sony Xperia XZ Premium Review.
  11. Huawei Mate 10 Pro (2019). In may ways, the Mate 10 Pro is not the mate of your average smartphone. It was one of the forerunners of the new generation of Huawei smartphones that have taken the world by storm, and it had an excellent camera too.

mobile phone collection number 11

My friend who sent these photos of his mobile phone collection definitely has great taste in mobile phones. Yes; it is obvious that, like me, he is an Android fan, as there are no iPhones here. I have owned a couple of iDevices though.

Anyway, have you owned any of the phones in this collection? Do you have a collection of iconic phones too? You are welcome to share with us here at Mobility Arena. Let me know.

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