The Lumia 920 was the first Windows Phone 8 flagship from Nokia (now Microsoft Mobile). Released in November 2012, it is over two years old

Why Lumia 920 has remained the top Windows Phone flagship till date

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The Lumia 920 was the first Windows Phone 8 flagship from Nokia (now Microsoft Mobile). Released in November 2012, it is over two years old now. But this fairly chunky and heavy beast, veteran as it is, has remained the most popular Windows Phone 8 flagship till date. At least, so says AdDuplex’s figures:

AdDuplex Jan 2015 Windows Phone

On the heels of the Lumia 920 was the Lumia 925. It is a sleek and charming device, but it never became as popular. We have had the power horse 1520 and the 930 (which is quite a beautiful device), and those are trailing behind the venerable 920 too in popularity and sales. Even the iconic super cameraphone, the Lumia 1020, has not been able to hold a candle to the 920.


So, we see that succeeding Windows Phone 8 flagships have been more beautiful, sleeker, more powerful, and more capable, yet none of them have gained the traction that the Lumia 920 has. What exactly is it about the Lumia 920? Here’s a guess.

Seeing that Windows Phone has so far been powered by budget devices (most Windows Phone sales have been in the budget segment), perhaps one plausible reason is that the 920 has remained the cheapest flagship so far. Which would make sense, considering that the next most popular flagship is the 920’s follow up act, the 925.

Am I on to something, or is there something else about the Lumia 920 that I am missing? You tell me.


  1. I think you are right about three price. In addition, Microsoft make some decision while they are half asleep. But most importantly like you said, it’s slip about pricing.
    Tell me, if i own a Lumia 920(with 32GB memory), why on earth will i want to buy the 925 Erick has just 16GB of memory and every other thing similar to the 920?
    I once told you that if only the Lumia 720 was price say 30/35k, it would have over throne the 520 as the most popular Lumia. Now 720 is still priced close to 40k and the 535 is less than 30k.
    Na them sabi. I have sold my Lumia 920 and now enjoying my tecno R7

  2. contracts, in the US/EU a lot of people get their smartphones on 2 year contracts. this is especially true with flagship devices. cheaper/budget devices (eg Lumia 520) are usually bought off contract. so when you spring for a flagship you usually wait 2 yeas before you spring again. so this affects the sales of subsequent generations. the reason recent Lumia flagships haven’t sold as much as the 920 is the same reason Samsung’s S series sales are dropping, cannibalization. the Note series has fragmented the Samsung Android flagship space and the newer S devices can’t match the sales figures of older S series devices, II & III. the 920 was the only flagship Lumia, recent generations have 2 (or 3). the 925 had the 1020 and the 1520 to contend with thus fragmenting the Lumia flagship market. the 930 is still too new to match the 920’s sales figures and it will have the HTC One M8 for Windows to deal with.

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