5 Hot Apps for Gaming Enthusiasts

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Mobile gaming seems to be the trend in recent times. This is particularly so as we see lots of higher spec’d smartphones in the market. Check out these five popular apps that are available for download by gaming enthusiasts.

Clean Android

There is little point in downloading or choosing a game if there is simply no space left on your device. That is where Clean Android comes in. It is a completely safe and reliable method of wiping your phone or tablet’s hard drive, thus making space for new content. Happily, it is also a light app booster, battery optimizer and apps manager for your device.

Not only does it create space for you to download game after game, it also helps your phone run faster by taking care of problematic issues such as overheating, which, incidentally, this will cool down significantly. A smooth-running device is crucial for any gamer, as we all know the problems caused by a lag run. So install this and banish lag behaviour for good.


Tankout battle game

Tankout is way much more than your average tank battle game. Here, you can build your very own levels, which others can then set about destroying while you continue your construction apace. Or, you can play the bringer of doom and play as the destroyer by going into other people’s levels and wreaking havoc on their creations. For all-out tank wars, find other players online at the same time and go to town on each other. If you can, you will have a lot of fun with this one.

Casino Rush

casino rush

Casino Rush, the world’s biggest poker room, is a fast play poker and online game that is available on both Android and iOS. It is a thoroughly modern and unique casino gaming app designed purely with the modern gamers in mind.  This is a play for money, free to play social app which, in PokerStars’ own words, is poker for Candy Crush players”, promising to transform poker into a player-versus-house game making it the best social poker game for non-poker players.

This is a great gateway app for anyone looking to try online gaming and really helps introduce you to play money fun which, along with real money gaming, is thriving in the UK right now. There are a ton of real money online gaming sites to try out there, but this is not one of them, just pure, fast-paced online game action, with more than a hint of poker about it.

Pumpkin Attack

This is one for the pumpkin haters amongst you. Pumpkin Attack is a tower defence game in which your job is to defend your castle against swarming mobs of rampaging pumpkins. Luckily, you have a quite the arsenal of weaponry with which you can see off the rotten veg. You also have an on-site archer you can employ to take out the orange invaders using your growing selection of weapons. It’s a basic tower defence and not a thoroughly original one but, due to its simplicity, it is an excellent addition to the genre.



A particularly modern phenomena is that of streaming to the world one’s gameplay. By far and away the most successful of streaming sites, and accompanying apps, is Twitch. So successful, in fact, that they were valued and purchased by new owners Amazon for nearly a billion dollars. Twitch’s ease of use, popularity, and high adoption rate make it a fantastic service for those who want to watch or broadcast video game content. So, whether you want to view real-time gameplay streams of poker events, eSports competitions or gameplay demos, or you yourself wish to broadcast your play, this is the must-have app for you.

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