In this Infinix Zero 4 Plus long-term review, a mobilista shares her experience with using the phone over a period of one year. Gladys’s story is that of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Come along!

Zero 4 Plus long-term review

Infinix Zero 4 Plus Long-term Review

My first 6 months of using the Infinix Zero 4 Plus was fantastic. It is a well equipped smartphone and I experienced no issues whatsoever. As a matter of fact, my experience with the Zero 4 Plus was so good that I suddenly began to get more work done on my smartphone than ever before.

And it wasn’t only work that got done. I consumed TV series online, took bomb selfies (both cameras are really good), listened to music, booked Uber rides, and generally ran my life and most of my work on this beautiful 6-inch giant.

But like a clock, around the time it clocked 6 months with me, the selfie camera started to malfunction. And that was the beginning of the end. The selfie camera issue refused to go away and then other issues began to crop up.

The Cameras

Infinix Zero 4 Plus long-term Review - camera
After the selfie camera started misbehaving, one of the errors I regularly got was the one that said something about “the camera cannot be started because it is in use by another app” or something like that. I shut down apps, even disabled apps, but the error persisted.

Recently it has stopped showing that error and has just stopped working. And now, both the front and back cameras have finally stopped working.

Even worse, any app that triggers the camera function now causes the phone to freeze up. I have to restart the phone to be able to continue using it.

Battery Life And Heating

The phone also now heats up so much that sometimes I have to place it on tiles to cool it down. And since the beginning of the year, the phone battery has been messing up. It regularly drains from 100% to 15% in 4 hours, whether the phone was in use or not. I leave it on my desk and when I pick it up to use, the battery has dropped significantly.

And Wifi Too

Then the WiFi sometimes just doesn’t find any networks when you need to use it. I have to restart the phone to get the Wifi to work again.

Parting Shot

Infinix Zero 4 Plus long-term Review
The Zero 4 Plus has been a great companion to me for work and play. But it has aged so fast in the last few months and I now have to deal with all these issues every day.

I have heard people say that Infinix and TECNO devices do not have long lives, but I have never used any for this long to be able to verify the claim. My experience with the Zero 4 Plus aligns with that report.

As Mister Mo often says, you do get the value you pay for. Nothing goes for nothing. It is time for me to get another smartphone. Thank you for reading my Infinix Zero 4 Plus long-term Review.

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If you are a sports fan these days, there is no reason not to know about the latest result or piece of hot gossip, and thanks to your mobile device you can have it all at your fingertips. However, when it comes to knowing the top sports apps to download, it is not quite so clear cut. But that’s where MobilityArena comes in. Here we give you a guide to some of the best sports apps available.


One of the most highly rated is ESPN’s app. It does exactly what you would expect from the sports TV giant, with the latest scores, news and a range of video highlights all available.

Sports covered include Football, Cricket, Formula 1, Tennis, Golf, NBA and the NFL, as well as some more niche sports like Darts and Snooker. It can also be tailored to your particular interests and has recently benefited from some updates (although all apps, like websites, tend to be a work in progress and forever evolving). It is not universally popular, but it is free and currently has a score of 4.2 out of 5 on Google Play (from over half a million reviews).


If you’re not feeling the ESPN app, there are a few others worth trying that might suit you and potentially tick similar boxes. One of the other good apps has to be Bleacher Report.

Bleacher Report has been owned by Turner, a part of Time Warner, since summer 2012, and actually has a higher score, 4.5, on Google Play than ESPN (although, admittedly, that score is the result of just under 120,000 reviews).

Again, this app covers a variety of sports and has added some heavy-duty reporters since the Turner takeover, including Mike Freeman and Howard Beck from the New York Times. It also pulls together info from various social media platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, as well as from blogs. It is also another free one.

If you don’t fancy either of those, maybe try Fox Sports, BBC Sport, MSN Sport, Yahoo Sports or Sky Sports. All have ratings of 4 or above, but the review sample for any of them is a lot smaller than for either ESPN or Bleacher Report.

top sports apps
Source: Wikimedia

365 Scores

We should also recommend 365Scores, with its stated aim being to “create a better way for people to enjoy sports”. Despite its name, it doesn’t only keep you up to date on the latest goals, touchdowns, etc., but also on news alerts and videos, all in real time. 365Scores might not cover quite the breadth of sports as ESPN or some of the others mentioned above, but it still includes all the major sports, namely Football, Basketball, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Volleyball, American Football and Handball, although the obvious gaps include things like Boxing and Formula One. There are also some charges for in-app products, but there is no charge to download. And the app is well recommended, with over 400,000 people giving it 5 out of 5 on Google Play.

All of these apps should help keep you informed about the goings on in the sporting world ahead of the some of the ultimate sporting spectacles this summer, such as Wimbledon, the IAAF World Championships and SummerSlam, as well as those coming up, like the 2018 FIFA World Cup. So, what are you waiting for? Try out these apps, and never miss the very latest regarding your favourite sport.

The Thor has spent approximately 7 working days with me here on the job at MobilityArena. It is just the right amount of time I need to decide if I will spend my coins on this device or not. Come find out how the device performs in our Vernee Thor review.

Straight up, what we have here is a 5-inch display with Gorilla Glass, 4G LTE, 3 GB of RAM, stock Android 7 Nougat, and a decent 16 GB internal storage. You only get 10 GB of storage space for your needs though, as the phone’s system has 5.8 GB taken. That still gets you going nicely if you do not download lots of stuff. If you do need more space, you will certainly need a microSD card. The Thor supports cards up to 128 GB.

Vernee Thor Review

Vernee Thor Review: Network and Telephony

In-call audio quality on the Vernee leaves you with more to desire, which is no surprise. That is the standard experience at this price range. For data, the phone supports 2G, 3G and 4G internet connections. I couldn’t get to test the 4G feature though, as it does not support the 4G band of the Glo SIM I had in it. However, I can report that both 2G and 3G work on it without issues.

Also, the Vernee Thor doesn’t give you the option to peg to 4G only or 3G only. You can choose from 2G Only, 3G auto and 4G auto. I am told that you can install a third party app like MTK Engineering to peg to any network that you want.

Vernee Thor Review side buttons

Vernee Thor Review: Photography

For a budget device, the Vernee Thor produced nicely coloured images from its 13 megapixels, auto-focus rear camera but not so pleasant images from the 5 megapixel selfie camera. Again, this is no surprise. It is a budget smartphone afterall. See for yourself below.

Selfie time:
Vernee Thor Review selfie

Main camera (I play too much. I am not sorry):
Vernee Thor Review rear camera

Warning: Selfies are not advised on this device. The danger of being mistaken for Baba Suwe is imminent.

Vernee Thor Review: Performance

This is the one in which the Vernie Thor excels. The phone performs better than expected of the average phone in its price bracket. With an octa-core processor (though clocked at 1.3 GHz) and 3 GB RAM, switching between apps happens smoothly without lag. I tried to install as many apps as I could on the device and run them simultaneously. It began to lag after I got to 30 apps running at the same time. Anything more than that and background apps get shut down. So, multi-tasking works smoothly here.

One thing that doesn’t seen to work well is the fingerprint scanner. It fails to register most of the time. I ended up removing it as a security feature, as it became more of a nuisance than actually reading my prints.

Vernee Thor Review bottom edge

Vernee Thor Review: Battery and Charging

The Thor features a 2700 mAh Li-polymer that is quick to charge with a 5V/2A Quick Charger. Moderate use with an always-on 3G connection will see you through about 14 hours out of 24. I imagine that the hard push from my several apps had a hand in depleting the battery life faster than I imagined. Fair usage with 2G gets me a full 24-hour battery run.

Vernee Thor Review back

Vernee Thor Review: Conclusions

In terms of specs and performance, the Thor device delivers on its sales promise. The catch of being just under $100 maybe somewhat of a turn off for us here, considering the Naira-to-dollar exchange rate, but it is good value for money. Glo 4G lovers will find the lack of support a snag, but then that isn’t an exclusive thing. Many other smartphones fall in that category.

However, if performance is what you are after in a budget smartphone, Thor is a 3 GB RAM device that will cater to your multi-tasking needs. It is fits perfectly in your palms, has Gorilla Glass protection, and a few other decent specs, it is a budget smartphone with spunk. Just don’t expect too much from the fingerprint scanner.

Here are more resources on the Vernee Thor:

The Vernee Thor is currently available for just $99.99 in a flash sale on GearBest. You need to use the coupon, VTSIsrael, when placing your order.

Who remembers the popular school lines whenever one losses a pen or some other item: “Lost but found; Careless Owner!” That line is followed up with a rather cheeky response, “Foolish Finder!” That response alone was usually enough to cause World War Three, minus the grace of God.

Well, I am always misplacing my smartphones and keys and Lord knows what I go through to find them whenever it happens. But technology is making things a lot easier for me. There’s an app for that! Finally, I have an app and a tracker that helps me locate my ever missing keys and phones.

How It Works: A Tracker and An App

The iHere Smart Key Finder is a rechargeable Bluetooth tracking unit about the size of a key holder. The whole idea is that you use it as your key holder. Except that it performs exceptionally well for a key holder. Used together with the iHere 3 app, this little device can also function as a phone finder, remote selfie shutter button, a car finder and a voice recording trigger for your smartphone.

How to set up the iHere Smart Key Finder

Nonda iHere Smart Key Finder

On opening the box, I recommend that the unit be charged full, the indicator changes from red to green to signify a full charge. Then download the iHere 3 app from your App store. Launch the app first and allow to search for the iHere tracker unit. Ensure there is close proximity between your smartphone and the iHere tracker, then press on the button on the tracking unit for 5 seconds or more until the red LED light starts to blink.

When it starts to blink, both devices should connect automatically within seconds, and then you are presented with a dashboard from where you can choose to find your missing key holder and key (Find tab at the bottom of the screen), as well as set up the device for one of four other functions (Click tab at the bottom of the screen). Here is what the Click half of the dashboard looks like:

As you can see, you can pick from four (4) available functions. Since I am forever losing my phone, my default is “Call Phone”. When I tap that, it locates my phone and makes it ring out, helping me to pinpoint its location. Selfie freaks will love the iHere and naturally opt to use it as a selfie remote.

Use The App To Find Your Missing Key

If your key goes missing, pick up your smartphone, launch the app, select the “Find” tab at the bottom of the screen and then tap the circular “Find” button. Your iHere key holder will ring out so you can find it.

Any Snags?

Sometimes, the app crashes or the devices disconnects from the app after a short while. Usually, reconnecting is as simple as launching the app again. But if you experience any unresolved issues, there is a support menu in the app. You can find this under the “Help” menu.

Apart from that, the app is pretty straightforward to use. We do wish there was a way to programme it for more than one function at a time. For example, it would be nice that if I launch my camera and press the button on the tracker, it knows that I want to take a selfie and functions for that automatically. The way it is now, when I have set it to function as a phone finder, it won’t function for any of the other three options.

Final words

I find the device particularly useful because I am always losing my smartphone or keys within my apartment and this is a sure solution for me. I will update you on how long the battery lasts and if possible come up with a comparison against other portable Bluetooth tracking devices.

Until then, stick around and read more MobilityArena articles. Cheers.

I have been a closet Apple fan for quite a while but recently came out of the closet and embraced who I was. All I need is an explanation as to why iPhones spot the worst batteries on the planet earth. Too wide an assumption? Ask any iPhone user. If they will be truthful, they will have a story about how their iPhone battery life is whack.

Design and Usability

Apple Inc. aces this mark every time. The design of their devices always showcases the cutting edge innovation that other brands shamelessly try to imitate all year round. The same goes for usability. Simple, easy to use processes have made the iDevices quite popular. Plus the effizzy..

MacBook Battery Life

The Macbook line of products has been famous for their long lasting batteries. 10 hours from a single charge and decent web browsing usage. That is a recipe for stressless day in our country. If you happen to be someone like me who hops from one training venue to the other or goes from 0 to 360 in 5 secs, battery power is very important to me. My MacBook delivers on that front. We thank the Lord. Praise Him, somebody!

iPhone Battery Life

But when it comes to the iPhone’s battery, it is a totally different story. I purchased an iPhone sometime last year, with the mindset that the huge catalogue of apps available in the iStore would help boost my productivity. It turned out to be the beginning of the downfall of this very internet-connected girl. I was on a long thing. My first day of using it left me wondering why the device was ever produced.

In a country like Nigeria where power only comes on between 12am and 5am in most places, this means my mobile phone battery is already at 70% by the break of dawn. Another hour of morning mails and calls will leave me with a 30% battery. That is before I leave my home! Simply put, battery performance of the iPhone has been nothing short of disappointing.

After some weeks of things going on this way and the attendant frustrations of dealing with an empty battery on a daily basis, I finally devised a means to get more juice out of my iPhone battery. What I did was:

  1. Crank down the brightness to the barest minimum
  2. Turn off Bluetooth
  3. Turn off WiFi
  4. Delete or stop running background apps, and
  5. Turn off cellular data

In effect, in order to be able to use my iPhone all day, I have to turn the damn phone to a feature phone. That is the only way I have been able to get more juice out of my iPhone battery. E dakun (Yoruba phrase for “please”), if I have to turn off my cellular data to squeeze more life out of my iPhone battery, isn’t that quite an expensive feature phone?

apple iPhone battery life

But what are my options? So, I now use my beloved iPhone for calls and SMS, while all my internet-dependent tasks happen on an Android smartphone with a very solid battery life. Sometimes, I You can’t blame a gal. I have a busy work schedule and not even my love of the iPhone will make me put my productivity on the line for it.

Google, the Search Engine giants known for their uber cool technological innovations, recently made available in the market another collaborative tool for working teams. It is a giant tablet called Google JamBoard. When we say giant, we mean 55-inches big. Put it on a stand or mount it on a wall, and what you have is a connected, digital whiteboard.

Team Collaboration Made Easy

The Jamboard seems aptly named, considering that its purpose is so team members can jam ideas during brain storming sessions. The JamBoard is said to be smart, easily integrated with apps on mobile, and up to 16 users can simultaneously create content from their devices and post to the board remotely.

Students and conference participants never have to stand up to walk up to the whiteboard to scribble anymore. As long as everyone in the class has a connected tablet, they can post to the board from them. All work is saved in Google Drive and can be accessed by as many participants as are given permission. Of course, all of Google’s suite of apps are available for use.

Google’s giant tablet also features a giant stylus for scribbling on its surface. This sounds really cool. It sounds like the perfect team collaboration tool.

google jamboard giant tablet

The Jamboard is equipped with HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0 (Type-C), and SPDIF audio out ports. For wireless connections, there is WIFI and NFC. Built in is a wide angle camera, loudspeakers and microphones.

A Giant Tablet With A Giant Price

As exciting and cool as it looks, Google Jamboard costs quite a fortune. For a whopping $5,000, this giant tablet will be yours. The equivalent of that in Naira is enough to buy a plot of land. But the target market isn’t individuals but rather corporate organisations, training centres and the like.

And as it is always the case with new technology, give it some time and the price will drop eventually as other manufacturers jump in. Eventually, a Chinese brand is sure to have a similar giant tablet in the market at half the price.

I am an app junkie. It didn’t take me years to come to that conclusion. I love trying out apps. Today, I tried out the new GTWorld mobile banking app and it totally blew my mind. Come with me to find out how.

Banking in Nigeria is currently undergoing a digital revolution. The competition is getting intense as banking institutions keep exploring new ways to meet their costumers’ demands in the new digital age. There has never been a time that the need to redefine how banking is done is as great as it is now.

I am a stickler for easy and consumer friendly processes, especially with banking processes. I mean, I’m giving you my money to make money from; why make life difficult for me? As a result, I have jumped around quite a bit with banks and their apps. Call me a bank whore if you may. If you own accounts with more than one bank, the same term applies to you, so there *tongues out*

Stanbic IBTC’s APPYNESS gave everyone a run for their money recently. It is a one stop app for all their services. One App. It was revolutionary at that time because no other banking institution in Nigeria delivered all their services in one app in a user friendly format. UBA tried it with UBA Retail and it failed. Stanbic’s APPYNESS is beautiful to use. I opened a savings account with Stanbic in part just to experience the full features of the app.

GTWorld mobile banking app

But this article isn’t about StanbicIBTC. My all-time favorite Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) has quietly launched another mobile banking app called GTWorld. I had to redefine perfection. We all know that GTBank has countless services. With the new GTWorld mobile banking app, all those services can now be accessed via ONE APP. And that is not the only catch, the GTWorld app has taken the lead in app innovation within the banking industry. Wait for it…

GTWorld mobile banking app embraces Science Fiction

What makes the GTWorld mobile banking app so superb is that it supports both facial and fingerprint recognition so you can login and effect transfers using either means for authentication. My first reaction to that was disbelief. But then, I tried it out and it works!

It feels like something from a Sci-fi movie. The ability to login and make transactions on my smartphone using just biometric authentication – my FINGERPRINT OR FACIAL RECOGNITION – is just mind blowing! No more hardware tokens or OTPs. Just one swipe and I am in the app.

Of course, you can still login via a password and conduct transactions using a PIN or token. All those options are available to users. You use what works for you.

Initial App Authorization

There was one snag though in setting up the app. I had to go through some initial hoops to authorize the app on my phone. For some reason, the SMS token sent to me didn’t arrive, so I had to generate my own token. Same thing might happen to you. In which case, you will need to dial *737*5# from your registered phone number to register a PIN. Then you must dial *737*7# to generate a token. Use this token to set up your account within the app. After that, you get to the fun part.

For now, this is the coolest app I have ever used for transactions. If someone from the GTBank mobile development team is reading this, you guys have won my heart. This was nicely done. I give this app 4.5 stars. The app is available for both Android smartphones and iPhones. Go get it in your app store.