Four Life Hack Apps to Make Your World More Efficient

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Modern life can be hectic. As such, achieving everything we want to in the course of a day can be tricky. Fortunately, in recent years, technology has come to our aid with apps now available to help us increase our productivity. These apps allow us to focus on the more important things in life. Here are four life hack apps to help you with the struggles of daily life – from sleeping to shopping.


We have  all wondered how well – or how badly – we’ve slept when we wake up in the morning. The Sleeptracker app takes away the guessing game by telling you how much sleep you had, and importantly, how much deep sleep you had, measuring how well you have slept out of 100.

If you are concerned that your sleep pattern isn’t giving you the chance to perform as well as you want to at work, then this is the life hack you need to get you back on track. By seeing whether increased exercise or more rest during the day positively impacted your sleep at night, you can make the necessary adjustments easily and quickly, to keep your energy levels high and your days easy to get through.

four life hack apps


As reported by international news agency Reuters, there is evidence that if we go shopping while hungry without having planned what we need, we are more likely to spend more money and have an inefficient shopping trip. The ShopShop app is there to make sure the planning stage is done properly. With ShopShop, you can add items onto your list through the week, along with quantities. When you’re shopping, you can easily cross items off as you go along.

Of course, you will still need to be strong and beat that urge to buy things you don’t need while you’re out. But this hack will certainly give you a good starting point to avoid spending unnecessarily.

F Lux

Light can really affect your mood. In fact, research done by an iGaming provider: 888 have found that the darker the room, the more likely people are to let go of their inhibitions and relax. F Lux builds upon this idea in a really clever way. Pop in some numbers and their app will make your smartphone or computer adjust its screen to ensure that your brain is receiving the right messages about what time of day it is, ultimately helping you to sleep better at night and feel refreshed in the morning with minimal effort.


For the ultimate efficiency on your smartphone or tablet, the Workflow app is the life hack you need. The app allows you to create sets of rules to speed up your digital processes. For instance, you can post a new GIF to Twitter instead of battling your way through an irritating number of clicks to do so. You can also create PDFs with this app.

Applied correctly, technology really does have the potential to help us with our daily lives, increasing productivity and providing us with information about daily events and activities that we wouldn’t previously have had access to. Perhaps the best thing is that many of these apps are completely free!

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