Picking up a cut-price flagship mobile in 2017

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Whilst the massive range of smartphones has left us with a staggering amount of choices, the competitive marketplace has also provided us with some serious bargain opportunities. Timing is everything when it comes to picking up a cut-price smartphone. It is often around the time when a new model is released that we can get a flagship mobile at a fraction of what it cost originally.

Although last year’s iPhone SE might not have excited the tech world as much as iPhone 7’s lack of headphone jack, it continues to experience plummeting retail prices that offer very handy savings to the savvy mobile user.

flagship mobile iPhone 7

Those who are looking to pick up the latest iPhone 7 at a good price should probably wait until September. This is because the company traditionally use this month to unveil their next flagship device. And similarly, it can be a good idea to keep an eye on big trade shows like Mobile World Congress that takes place at the end of February that can lead to all manner of price fluctuations.

This can even be seen in something like the incredible Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which is already subject of retail price drops just weeks before the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

flagship mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

It is also worth remembering that some of the world’s other top tech companies have also stepped up their game in delivering some fantastic budget smartphones. Smartphones like this offer all of the functionality of the premium models, but without the expensive features like 12-megapixel cameras and superfast A10 fusion chips.

flagship mobile Moto G4 Plus

Let’s look at other flagship mobiles that can be had at great bargain prices this year.

Whilst the likes of the Moto G4 Plus won’t be the envy of your friends, you can use it to Snapchat to your heart’s content, and it can play the huge range of games at Lucky Nugget Casino glitch-free.

If you really want something much cheaper, do give the Sony Xperia E5 a look. It is a great looking smartphone for just a couple of hundred dollars. The LG X Screen is a unique one. It has an always-on second screen that provides a good alternative to the flagship LG G5. What’s great about this is that it also includes an awesome 13 MP rear facing camera and like all the others mentioned, is more than capable enough to handle the latest and greatest games too!

One thing is for sure, opting for a cheaper flagship mobile or even a more budget-friendly model certainly frees up a little more money that you can spend on those apps and perhaps play some of those casino games.

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