Which phones support 5G? List of all 5G mobile phones available now

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The world’s first 5G networks are live with blazing fast speeds. If you have 5G coverage and want in on the action, these are the 5G phones available now.

The world’s first 5G networks are live and the buzz is defeaning as select few individuals get a taste of the blazing fast speeds. The truth is that there are only a select few 5G phones in the market right now. Should you have 5G coverage at your location and want in on the action, have a look at our list.

List of All 5G Phones Available So Far

  • Motorola Z3 with 5G Moto mod. Moto Z3 was one of the first 5G compatible smartphones announced. The 5G mod ads 5G functionality to the Moto Z. In the US, you can use this on Verizon’s 5G network. Motorola Z3 specs.
  • Huawei Mate X. Huawei is currwently in a tough spot with the US authorities, but it has one of the first commercial 5G phones ready. Whether the Mate X will make it to the US now is something for the history books. But if you are anywhere else in the world and need a solid 5G phone, you can’t go wrong with the Huawei Mate X. We have the specs for your convenience.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Perhaps the highest profile 5G phone till date, it is available on Verizon 5G, the Galaxy S10 5G will also be available to other US networks. See details of the specs and price.
    The Galaxy S10 5G is one of the first 5g phones in the market
  • LG V50 THINQ. …Available from May 31st on Sprint, you will be able to latch on to the carrier’s 5G network, which has better coverage than Verizon so far. You are limited to Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Kansas City for now though. Eventally, Verizon subscribers will get the V50 ThinQ as well.
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G hit the market in May 2019. It was one of the first 5G phones to be announced in the world. Have a look at more detailed information about it here: Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G specs.
  • Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G Edition, announced June 26th. It is a variant of the regular Lenovo Z6 Pro.

There are more 5G phones on the way, of course. Keep an eye out for devices like Huawei Mate 20 X 5G, OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G, and OPPO Reno 5G.

Oppo reno x 5g will debut in 2019

Are we seeing a 5G Apple iPhone this year? Unfortunately not. Apple will not be ready with a 5G phone until 2020. If you want 5G in 2019, get a 5G mifi or any of the above-listed Android smartphones.

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