Samsung has ads on the $1,400 Galaxy Z Flip phone; Mad oh!

The concept of ads on a smartphone is not new. Quite a number of phone manufacturers have implemented it on their devices. What is new is ads on a $1,400 premium phone – Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip phone.

CNBC’s Tod Haselton reports that Samsung has ads displaying in the Z Flip’s phone dialer app, AKA phone app – that’s the app you make calls with.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip open flower on screen

Here is the originating tweet by Tod:

As said earlier, other mobile phone brands have done it, but they are brands known for making budget devices. Brands like TECNO, Infinix, and Xiaomi come to mind. What makes this news striking is that this is happening on a top dollar smartphone. Ads on a premium device is something that should never happen.

Some will argue that since there is a way to disable the ads, all is well and this is no big deal. But it is a big deal. There are things that should not be seen in a BMW or a Mecedes Benz. Being premium items, there is an expectation of an exclusive experience. That is what users expect from a premium smartphone.

It is arguable that ads on entry-level and budget smartphones can be overlooked and accomodated. But on a premium device like the Galaxy Z Flip phone?

Perhaps the world as we know it is changing and someday we might see ads on an Apple iPhone. Just perhaps.

Meanwhile, should you need the info, here is how to block ads on TECNO smartphones.



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