People buy tablets and laptops for various reasons, some buy these devices for entertainment purposes while for some, its serves as a major tool for

Can the tablet replace the laptop?

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People buy tablets and laptops for various reasons, some buy these devices for entertainment purposes while for some, its serves as a major tool for their work. But these two devices seem to have various levels of productivity.

Even though, the tablet was made to somehow replace the laptop, it has hardly been the case as people still tend to keep their tablet and laptop for separate purposes due to the fact that one device cannot meet all needs.

I recently came across an article about a new Microsoft tablet, Surface Pro 3, and here’s a survey they conducted, that inspired them make the tablet.

Microsoft recently carried out a survey on about 2,900 professionals in the Asia Pacific region and it was found that about half travel between cities for their work and 4 out of 5 carry three different devices along, while 2 out of 5 carry both tablet and laptop and the remaining 3, 70 percent said they stock with their laptop because they couldn’t find a good enough tablet as a replacement.


After the survey, 27 percent said they would go for a laptop. 30 percent plan to get a hybrid device (2 in 1 device) to serve their needs in the coming months coupled with the 30 percent who are looking at tablets, Microsoft believe they can strike the perfect balance with their recently launched tablet called, Surface Pro 3 Docking Station, which they say is “The tablet that can replace your laptop and desktop”.

Well, i wonder if this would really be able to solve both needs.You can read more about the Surface Pro 3 and check out the infographic here


  1. It can. I recently got a dell venue 11 pro running full win8.1 it is both a tablet and a pc. Beats android anytime anywhere any day

  2. The Possibility Of Replacing A Laptop Entirely With A Tablet Has Been Something I Have Wondered About ..For A While.

    Incidentally, I Am Going To Start Doing Without A Laptop And Focus Entirely On Getting.My Tasks Done On A Tablet Alone

    I Am Persuaded It Is Doable, Based On What I Do.

    The Major Problem With Tablets Replacing A Desktop Are Two Fold. The Input And Display Size

    With The Ability To Connect Tablets And Smartphones To Full Sized Input And Display Units, All We Need To Appraise Is Whether The Octa Cored Mobile Devices Have The Processing Power To Take On The Spreadsheets And Graphics Apps Traditionally Handled By Desktops..

    I Think The Answer Is … Yes…

  3. I could see a tablet replacing a laptop as long as it runs windows and has a keyboard and mouse. Anything else and you are looking at nothing more than an media viewer.

  4. For running the basic functions of laptops, a tablet stands a great chance at replacing the laptop.
    But if we are to look into other utilities derived from laptops such as media, gaming and other advanced stuff, then i really do not think the tab can replace her.

  5. I totally agree with you. A tab using a windows OS with keyboard. especially now that they have the core i3 & i5 versions which gives it it enuf power to run programs that could only work on a laptop

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