How to Cool a Car Interior Super Fast after Being in the Hot Sun

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Every car owner on the planet has had to deal with the dreadful experience of having their car heat up from the sun at some point. In the summer, under intense heat conditions, the car interior tends to heat up incredibly hard, and it pretty much transforms into an oven.

The sun can be a double edged sword that way. While it can be the giver of life and tend to crops, it can also make you feel like you are slowly dying. Sure, you can buy some cheap sunglasses to keep the sun from melting your eyes away, but what do you do about it heating the interior of your car after it’s been in the sun for a long time?

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This article revolves around the best methods to cool off the car interior super fast. Try these solutions so that you may go about your business without feeling like you’re trapped in an oven on wheels.

Use the AC trick

When you are in such a situation where you feel like you’re going to melt any second, you can pull off a neat trick with your car’s AC system so that you may get rid of the hot air immediately. For this trick to work, you need to set your AC to Fresh Air instead of Recirculate. This will make it so the car is bringing in fresh, cool air into the vehicle.

The next step is to roll down all your windows to the max and start driving. As you start driving, you will immediately start to feel how the hot air is pushed outside and new cold air is taking its place. It is an effective little trick and it allows you to fix the hot air problem in a matter of moments.

Slamming the doors

Another way in which you can rush out all the hot air is by slamming your doors. Keep your windows rolled up this time, but open all your doors on both sides. Once that’s taken care of, simply go on either side of the car and slam all the doors of the car on that side at once. This will forcefully push out all the hot air immediately and will allow you to breathe inside your car once again.

You should be good to go after one slam, but you can do it twice to make sure you got all the hot air out. Remember to be firm and decisive about slamming the doors. If slamming the doors is something that makes you cringe usually, this one might be harder for you but keep in mind that you’re doing it for a good cause.

Prevention is the best medicine

The best way to make sure that your car is nice and cool the next time you use it, you should consider making sure that you’re not allowing it to get ridiculously hot in the first place. You can do that by not leaving your car in an exposed area in direct view of the sun.

Aside from making sure you park in a shaded place, you can and should also buy sunscreens for your car. They are these pieces of material that go over your windows and prevent the sun from beaming directly on your windows and thus heating up the air inside the car. You can get one for each window so every time you park you can use them to cover up the vehicle. Make sure you get all the windows and you will feel an immense difference in terms of interior temperatures.

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