How to set up parental controls on Mac

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If your family uses a shared computer, you can set up parental controls on it. This will help you limit your children’s access to apps, websites and stores, create a schedule for them for computer time, and protect their privacy. Here’s how to help you set up parental controls on your Mac for your kids.


  • Click on the Apple logo in your menu and choose System Preferences
  • Select Users & Groups
  • Click on the lock to enable changes and enter your password when prompted.
  • Click on the+ button to add a new user
  • In the New Account dropdown box, select Managed with Parental Controls
  • Complete the rest of the information for your child and click Create User.


Option 1: If you just created the user’s account, click on Open Parental Controls on the user screen.

Option 2: if the user’s account already exists, click the Apple logo in your menu, then choose System Preferences > Parental Controls. Click on the lock icon to enable changes and enter your password.


Apps – Choose access to apps

The first set of controls lets you decide which apps your child should have access to. simply check or uncheck any item. If you choose Limit Mail, you can click on Manage to provide a list of allowed contacts. You can also enter an email address to be notified if the user tries to exchange messages with someone not on the list.

Web – Set browser restrictions

Choose your option from the three radio buttons displayed for restricted, limited with customization, or specific website access. Most likely, you would pick the third option for allowing only access to certain sites. Click on the + button and select Add Bookmark to enter a link, or select Add Folder to create a new folder. To remove a link, select it and click on the – button.

Stores – Disable or restrict stores

This section lets you disable access to the iTunes store, iTunes U, and the iBooks store. Just check and uncheck the options as desired. You can also restrict media such s movies, music and books. Just check or uncheck the items as necessary.

Time – Create a computer time schedule

To ensure that your child only has access to the computer during designated times, you can set up a customized schedule.  This makes sure that homework gets done, bedtime is kept and the kids do not overuse the computer.

  • Weekday and weekend time limits: You can set time limits on weekday usage and weekend usage. Check one or both of the boxes and then adjust the amount of time per day.
  • Bedtime settings: Along with limiting the number of hours your child can use the computer each day, you can limit when it is used. For school nights and weekends, check one or both boxes and then adjust the allowable timetables for each.

Privacy – Manage the privacy settings

You can manage the apps requesting access to items like location, photos, and contacts. Click the manage Privacy button to make necessary adjustments.

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