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Tesla Model Pi phone and the million-dollar question for Elon Musk

Every other day, someone sends me a link about the Tesla Model Pi smartphone that has been supposedly announced by billionaire techie, Elon Musk. And every single time, I find a way to not say anything about it, because I do not want to be that guy. Some minutes ago, I saw another “news” item about this mythical phone, and I decided that I’d write about it.


I really do not want to be the one to tell people that Elon Musk did not, and has not, announced any such phone. That he has not so much as mentioned it. That everyone else is tagging him and tweeting at him about it, yet he has not so much as responded to any of it.

I hate to be that guy who points out to you that no credible news outlet, and no credible tech blog, has published the “news” of the announcement of the phone. That even the tech blogs that are big on leaks and rumours have not had any leak to publish about the Tesla Model Pi. Sigh. That the logical conclusion from all of the above is that even if the Tesla Model Pi exists at any stage of development, it is still a ghost.

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All the specs and images flying around are the products of the imagination of people who are giddy on euphoria, or who have some agenda that the rest of us mortals have yet to figure out. Is t it absurd that so many people seem unable to distinguish between concept designs and an actual phone in development by a manufacturer? I find it really odd.

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Tesla Model Pi Phone Concept Design

Tesla Model Pi concept design
A concept design for the mythical Tesla Model Pi, done by Antonio De Rosa.

The above concept design of the Model Pi was done by Antonio De Rosa. A concept design is an imaginative work. Someone asked Antonio, “Hi Antonio, I am a software developer and like to build applications for model Pi Tesla phone. What operating system it would be using? Thank you.”

Antonio’s reply recommends that we ask the million-dollar question: “I’m sorry but we need to ask Elon Musk if the Model Pi will be ever a real phone 🙂”. Here is the Tweet:

I doubt that if anyone directly asks Elon, he would give an answer. He has maintained a stoic silence despite mobs of people tweeting at him about the phone. Knowing Elon, he is enjoying the drama over the ghost Tesla Model Pi.


Yes; I hate to be that guy. But today, I am that guy. Perhaps one day, this mythical Tesla Model Pi smartphone will move from myth and become reality. If and when that day comes, Elon’s fans will hit the streets and sing and dance wantonly, in joy. Until then, don’t drink the Kool-Aid about the Tesla Model Pi Android smartphone.

As I wrap up this article, I shall spell things out in simple terms, for the benefit of those who are slow. Has Elon Musk announced a Tesla Model Pi phone? No; he has not. The news is fake. A hoax. Is the Model Pi ever going to be announced? I don’t know. I can’t tell. At the time of this article, nobody else seems to know. At least, no credible news and leak sources.

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All the specifications sheets you have seen and features you have heard about the Model Pi are all figments of people’s imaginations. If the phone is eventuallly announced, it will look nothing like the images that have been in circulation and the does would not match much of what has been circulating. I hate to be that guy, but today, be my guest. Tea is served.

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