Have you ever used an unlimited data plan? I have, and it feels good. First, we all know that there are no truly unlimited mobile

Once you go Unlimited, nothing else feels right

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Have you ever used an unlimited data plan? I have, and it feels good. First, we all know that there are no truly unlimited mobile data plans. Mobile data plans are limited in at least one way. That way is usually bandwidth throttling.

The unlimited data plan that I am on is throttled too, but it is done within reasonable limits. The key thing though is that I am able to use my mobile internet connection without worrying about data consumption. That, dear friend, is the beauty of subscribing an unlimited data plan. Let me share with you how using one has changed how I work and play.

unlimited data plan

Cloud Backup Without Limits

I have now permanently turned on photo and video upload on my mobile device. I can take as many high resolution photographs and shoot as many quality videos as I want and have them backed up to the Cloud for access on any platform – mobile, tablet, PC – without worrying. Back on the old metred connections that I use, turning this feature on often meant suddenly running out of data if you have a heavy upload.

Video Without Worries

I see a video and do not have to worry how large it is and what damage it will do to my data balance. If it looks interesting, I just click away and watch. An unlimited data plan is what many Nigerians need to embrace creating and watching online video. Online content creators need to be lobbying for more ISPs to create unlimited data plans. Online videos will stay a small niche without them.

Creativity Unleashed

Without having to worry about data consumption, certain limits in creativity are off. As a web content creator, it is liberating. I do not have to worry about uploads and downloads any more. Freedom to create and upload.

Nothing Else Feels Right

If you have used an unlimited data plan for any significant period of time, going back to a metred data plan is like a free man ending up in in a system of oppression. Who wants to go from liberty into a life of oppression?

One unlimited data plan subscriber that I spoke with described the experience this way: “I have done everything I have always wanted to be able to do with an internet connection. Everything.” That pretty much sums it up.

What Unlimited Data Plan?

I can tell you that a reasonably throttled unlimited data plan will change how you use the internet. At the moment, there are only two mobile networks that offer such plans – Smile and Ntel. And the plans are still expensive when you consider the average income of the average Nigerian.

Smile’s Unlimited Lite data plan costs N10,000 monthly and is capped to a maximum speed of 2 Mbps and throttled to 1 Mbps after crossing the 30 GB usage line. However, it is not available for the data-guzzling residents of Lagos and Abuja. If you want unlimited data from Smile in Lagos or Abuja, what is available to you is the Unlimited Premium plan that costs N19,800 which is capped at 4 Mbps and is also throttled down the line. Personally, I believe that is expensive. Feel free to migrate to any other locations where Smile is available to enjoy this plan.

Ntel also has its Monthly Unlimited data plan. It costs N10,000 too. Update: this plan now costs N17,500. I do not have details of the throttling, but my experience is that it is very reasonable. In addition, Ntel has two other smaller unlimited data plans that run for two days and a week respectively.

Apart from Smile’s Unlimited Premium plan, these data plans are a good start. Plus, data tariffs are crashing on all sides. Unlimited data plan tariffs will crash too at some point in time. Things will get better and better in terms of internet access in Nigeria.

Want To Take The Plunge?

For now, if you can afford N10,000 monthly for internet access – especially if you are a digital creative – and you have a mobile network covering your location, you should give it a try. Once you go unlimited, nothing else feels quite right.


  1. If You Have Used An Unlimited Data Plan For Any Significant Period Of Time, Going Back To A Metered Data Plan Is Like A Free Man Ending Up In In A System Of Oppression

    Data is always ALWAYS UNLimited. It is just our willingness /ability to shell out money for the data needed that is limited.

    Also, Parkinson’s Law states that..

    “Data USAGE expands so as to fill the data AVAILABLE

    For this reason, you would likely be wasting money (and, VALUABLE TIME) going unlimited, if you don’t truly TRULY need a lot of data (likely for professional purposes).

    Yoruba has a saying about using something like rainwater.

    ₦5k would get me at least 10GB shared data, and I don’t see how I would finish this monthly.

    No, I won’t be going unlimited any time soon.

  2. that’s you eyebeekay. if you stream a lot via Netflix, showbox, etc that 10gb is a peanut

  3. People like us can only watch from the sideline, until we are finally able to buy larger plans.

  4. “For this reason, you would likely be wasting money (and, VALUABLE TIME) going unlimited, if you don’t truly TRULY need a lot of data (likely for professional purposes).”

    But of course, if you don’t need it you don’t need it. But data isn’t needed for “professional” purposes alone. Entertainment purpose is also valid reason. Someone can pay 15k (premium DSTV + dual view) to watch tv. I can as well pay that much for data if that’s my priority.

    Since I started paying 10k/month for Spectranet data plan, I abandoned my 6k DSTV subscription and just stuck to my free to air satellite TV. It’s all about priority. The time will come that I’ll be able to go premium (paytv) and go unlimited (data) without even feeling it.

  5. Back home, I use KKontech (fixed broadband) which is unlimited and capped at 4Mbps (up from 2Mbps). Once my current DSTV subscription expires by month-end, it’s bye bye to pay TV. The only thing that’ll be missed there is madam’s Yoruba movies (good riddance for me).

    With Android apps like UkTVNow, Terrarium, MegaBox HD and the great Kodi, I can stream movies and live TV without the annoying buffering till I get tired all for 10k. For my mobile needs, I make do with the MTN 1k plan that gives me 1.5GB and luckily I get 3GB for the next 6 months or so. Every other need for the Internet can wait till I get home. For me, it’s like shopping till you drop.

  6. I ran into this post again and I had this very wide smile on my face leaving my wife asking what seemed to amuse me. Like I “threatened” in an earlier reply to dump DSTV, I actually did carry it out as I have cut the cord and do all TV entertainment strictly online now from watching live TV to watching movies/series.

    Honestly, it’s serious bliss to have a truly unlimited internet access.

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