How to hide photos/video folders on your Android device

You might have a collection of photos or videos you want to keep private. It is very likely that you have researched on ways to do this. There is a saying,”Everything is possible on Android with apps”, so hiding files is not an exclusion. Here’s a quick tip on how to hide photos or videos on Android without any app.

hide photos

How to Hide Photos/Videos on your Android

  • First you need a good file manager app. We used ES File Explorer for this experiment.
  • Move all the photos or videos you want to hide inside one folder. We’re hiding the whole folder. In the screenshot below, we are hiding the thumbnails folder.hide photos
  • Rename the folder, and add a dot(.) in front of it. The folder “thumbnails” is renamed to “.thumbnails”. See screenshot belowhide photos

That’s all. The folder will no longer show in the gallery. In our case, the “thumbnail” folder disappears from the gallery.

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