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Apple Pay is great for making seamless payments for whatever you need online or in physical stores. It is now accepted at the checkout pages of many online stores, and it is great because you can pay without having to provide your card number.

However, before you can use this contactless payment method, you must first add a credit or debit card to Apple Pay on your Apple device. If you’re not sure how to do this, we’ve created this guide for you. Keep reading to find out how to add a card to Apple Pay on any Apple device you own.

How to Add a Card to Apple Pay

How to Add a Card to Apple Pay on iPhones

iPhones are among the best Apple devices for using the Apple Pay service. After unlocking your iPhone, all you have to do to make a payment is tap the smartphone to the payment terminal.

Here’s how to add a card to Apple Pay on your iPhone:

● Open the Wallet app and select the + app button in the top right corner.

● Choose between the Debit Card and Credit Card options on the following page.

● The card information, including the number and expiration date, can then be manually entered or scanned using your iPhone’s camera.

After you enter that, Apple will instantly establish a connection with your bank to check whether your card is legitimate and eligible for Apple Pay. Check out this list from Apple to discover if your bank accepts Apple Pay.

How to Add a Card to Apple Pay on Macs or iPads

An iPad or Mac device can also be upgraded to support Apple Pay, so you can also use Apple Pay online with these devices. Apple Pay online allows you to rapidly import all your data, including credit card information so that you can complete transactions with just a few taps.

Note that your Mac has to have an in-built Touch ID before you can add a card to Apple Pay on it. Without it, you’ll have to make a purchase using Apple Pay on an Apple Watch or compatible phone. On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay and select the Allow Payments on Macoption.

If, on the other hand, your Mac device is compatible, navigate to System Preferences > Wallet & Apple Pay. Then, click on Add Card and manually type or scan the information using your Mac’s webcam.

Go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay if you’re trying to add a card to Apple Pay on an iPad. Next, select Add Card.

How to Add a Card to Apple Pay on Apple Watch

Apple Pay is also accessible to anyone who owns an Apple Watch, just like it is on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac device. The tap-to-pay feature is shared by the wearable gadget and the handset. So, you can employ this entirely secure payment method and leave your credit and debit cards at home.

You can add a card to Apple Pay on your Apple Watch through two different methods. 

First, you can just use the Apple Watch device itself:

● Click on the Wallet app by pressing the Digital Crown, then go down the page and click Add Card.

● Next, choose a credit or debit card. Afterward, Apple will determine whether the card is eligible for Apple Pay, just like on an iPhone. 

● You will then need to type in the card information manually.

Alternatively, you can add a card to Apple Pay via your iPhone’s companion Watch app: 

● Choose the My Watch tab after launching the app, then go down to Wallet & Apple Pay. You’ll have the option of adding a card or importing previously existing credit or debit cards on your iPhone.

● There’ll be two options when using a new card: you can manually enter the data or use your iPhone’s camera to scan the card.

In summary, adding a card to Apple Pay is a great option for making seamless payments. So, follow our helpful instructions to do so easily on whichever Apple device you own.

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