How to Fix Samsung Fast Charging Not Working

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Fast charging is one of the most useful features found in most Samsung phones, and it’s really great if you’re the type that doesn’t like waiting long for phones to charge. With Samsung’s Fast Charging feature, just a few minutes of charging gets you through the day.

However, as useful as fast charging is, there may be times when it stops working on your Samsung phone. So, in this article, we will show you how to fix Samsung fast charging not working.

Fix Samsung Fast Charging

How Can You Fix Samsung Fast Charging Not Working?

While fast charging is an important selling point for Samsung, it can be problematic at times. If your Galaxy phone’s fast charging isn’t working, try the following fixes.

Check If your Charger Supports Fast Charging

Your phone charger needs to support fast charging for it to work. Your phone probably already has a charger, but some flagship devices, like the Samsung S21 and S22, may require you to purchase one separately.

A charger is not compatible with fast charging if it doesn’t have a label that says Quick ChargingAdaptive Fast Charging, or something similar. This will cause your phone to charge much more slowly. The USB cable included with these chargers is also quite fragile, which can have an impact on their performance. 

So before trying other ways to fix Samsung fast charging not working, first make sure you’re using the right charger.

Enable Fast Charging

Another way to fix Samsung fast charging not working is to enable fast charging in your phone’s settings. It will not function if it is disabled in the settings. To see if this option is enabled, follow the steps below:

● Navigate to Settings.

● Select Battery and device care > Battery from the menu.

● Select More battery settings.

● Check that all of the toggles under Charging are turned on.

Check for Software Updates

If your phone’s software is out of date, fast charging may not work. If you haven’t updated your phone since purchasing it, you’ll need an update to fix Samsung fast charging not working. Here’s how to update your phone:

● Navigate to the Settings menu on your phone.

● Select Software update.

● Select Download and Install.

If you notice a new update, you can install it right away or schedule it for a later time. You will see a message that reads, “Your software is up to date,” when your system is up to date.

Clean the Charging Port

The buildup of grime or residue in the charging port is another potential cause of fast charging not working. If your charger is clogged with dirt or lint, it won’t work properly or at all.

So, to fix Samsung fast charging not working, try removing any grime, residue, or dirt from the charging port with a toothpick or needle. Additionally, you can gently scrub the charging port with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. 

After that, place it in a cool, dry location for at least an hour. Don’t be concerned about the liquid in the dock; it will evaporate naturally. Alternatively, try using a can of compressed air.

Charge in Power Saving Mode

Every Galaxy phone now has a power-saving mode. It can significantly reduce the number of background apps and processes that consume system resources, allowing your phone’s battery to last longer.

With less battery drain, it may also speed up the charging process. So, you might want to think about charging your smartphone in power-saving mode to fix Samsung fast charging not working. You can do this through Settings > Battery and device care > Battery > Power saving mode.

Reset to Factory Settings

You can attempt a factory reset if none of the solution above help to fix your Samsung’s fast charging not working. A factory reset will restore your phone’s default settings. This restarts your phone and could fix the issue with the fast charging not working. 

Before you reset your Samsung phone, make a backup of your data because the reset process typically causes data loss.

Examine the Battery Status

If, at this point, nothing has fixed your Samsung’s fast charging not working, your phone’s battery may be to blame. It has either degraded to the point where a new one is required, or it’s too old and has lost its overall capacity. You can check your battery’s status with these easy steps:

● Navigate to the Settings app and select Battery and device care.

● Choose Diagnostics. (You’ll be asked to launch the Samsung Members app; if it hasn’t been installed already, do it now.)

● Select the Battery Status option.

If the life indicator in the battery status shows “good”, your battery is fine. Otherwise, you should think about getting a new battery.

In conclusion, you can fix fast charging on your Samsung phone using one of the solutions listed above. If none of them work, consider speaking to a skilled professional.

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