Effortlessly Convert Currencies on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

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At some point in your life, you’ll inevitably need to convert currencies for making purchases, payments, or general information purposes. If you’re a frequent traveller, a business owner with a multinational client base, a forex trader, or just a curious person, you’ve probably wondered about different ways to convert currencies on a smartphone. 

In that case, this guide is for you. It is easy to convert currencies on an iPhone, but more significantly, there are several options available to achieve this. I will show you the different ways to convert currencies on your iPhone, so pay close attention.

Convert Currencies on iPhone

How Can You Convert Currencies on iPhone?

There are different methods you can adopt for converting currencies on an iPhone. We’ve described some of them below:

Convert Currencies on iPhone with Live Text

On iPhones, Apple’s Live Text function makes a number of daily tasks easier including currency conversion. 

You’ll need to choose the right method depending on if you’re trying to convert a currency in the actual world or directly from a text, photo, or video. For instance, you can use the Camera app to convert an amount into your local currency with the following steps:

● To focus on the price you want to convert, open the Camera app and point your device at the price board, and then tap on the price.

● Make sure the text fits within the yellow square guide by approaching the subject closely or zooming in with your device.

● Tap the Live Text icon in the viewfinder’s lower-right corner as soon as the Camera recognizes the text.

● To check the converted amount, tap the conversion icon that appears in the left corner of Live Text.

● You’ll better ensure a successful conversion by setting your iPhone to the appropriate region

As an alternative, you can convert the amount directly inside an app if the amount you wish to convert is present in that app. To select the figure you want to convert, just long-tap and hold it along with the currency sign. A  popup menu will appear, then hit the “>” button until the converted amount is displayed in your currency.

You can also copy an amount and convert the currency using Spotlight Search if your iPhone doesn’t allow the Live Text feature. Follow these steps :

● To open Spotlight Search, swipe downwards from the Lock Screen or Home Screen.

● Press the search bar for a long time and choose the Paste option. Alternatively, just type in the amount you want to convert.

● Using your local currency as the comparison, Spotlight Search will convert the amount and show you the result.

Convert Currencies on iPhones with Siri

Siri also offers an easy way to convert currencies on an iPhone. This method of curency conversion on the iPhone involves performing the conversions with your voice so it’s great for when your hands are busy.

Make sure Siri is configured on your iPhone before you attempt to use it to convert currencies. Go to Settings > Siri & Searchand turn on the button beside Listen for Hey Siri to activate the Listen for “Hey Siri” option.

So, when you need to convert a certain amount into your local currency, say “Hey Siri” or press the side button to activate Siri, then state the amount you want to convert, followed by the desired currency

For instance, you might say “convert 1000 British pounds to US dollars” if you wanted to change 1000 GBP into USD. The sum will be shown at the top of your screen on a Calculator card.

Convert Currencies on iPhones with Third-Party Apps

You can also use dedicated third-party apps like xCurrency to convert currencies on your iPhone. You don’t need to manually set the currency because this app has a feature that detects your present location and automatically converts the currency to it when you conduct a conversion. To use xCurrency to convert currencies on an iPhone, follow these steps:

● Launch the app and click on Converter from its home screen

● Choose your home currency by swiping right on the first entry in the list.

● On this list, also enter all the currencies between which you might need to convert

● Input the amount and then touch on the currency symbol for the currency you want to convert to your home currency.

● In addition to the other currencies you’ve set up in your list, xCurrency will show you how much that amount is worth in your own local currency.

In summary, converting currencies on iPhones is easy through the methods we’ve described in this guide. Feel free to use whichever option works best for you.

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