Private Blog Network Hosting: Multiple IP (A, B, C Class) PBN SEO Hosting Explained

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PBNs remains the go-to tactics in link building for fast and easy ranking improvements used by modern SEOs. But are Private Blog Networks (PBNs) really worth building from the Return on Investment (ROI) and timely perspective? What are the effective ways to build quality PBNs without incurring Google’s wrath?

PBN SEO Hosting Explained

All these questions and more, are what we will be trying to provide answers to in this comprehensive guide on PBN SEOThe idea of a PBN is a network of websites that is authoritatively used for link building to money site(s) for ranking higher in search engines, like Google.

But first, let’s elaborate on what PBN SEO is all about!

What is PBN SEO?

PBNs are built for the primary purpose of generating backlinks to the money-site, which helps to rank it higher on search engines, like Google.

And PBN SEO is an offshoot of SEO Hosting that’s specifically targeted at building quality private blog networks that are devoid of footprints, and so, undetectable by the major search engines.

what is seo?

This network of blogs called PBN is typically owned by the same individual or company, and to make it undetectable, it requires a special kind of web hosting. To avoid footprint, you must follow some techniques from the start to maintain a level of uniqueness.

If you are building a Private Blog Network of let’s say 5 PBN’s then it’s far easier to make it unique. But what if you have up to 100’s of domains, then it could be very difficult to maintain uniqueness and to manage them without implementing effective PBN SEO.

What are the PBN SEO Best Practices to Avoid footprints?

  • Domain Registration: The building of a Private Blog Network starts with Domain Name Registration, and since registering each domain with different providers isn’t convenient, neither is it the best to make the registrant details private on all your domains. As using valid details is good for professional domains. So the best practice for domains is to leave out privacy protection for around 10 to 20% of the domains. And those domains without privacy protection should be registered with different accounts with new registrant details to show it as a real business domain. 
  • Web Hosting: The most important aspect of building a great PNB to avoid footprints is the web hosting package. It is mandatory to check with the web hosting company to ensure that they sell PBN Hosting. For instance, SeekaHost PBN team have made huge research on building successful PBN to come up with a trusted solution and manual implementation process. The safest option remains to have a unique C class IPs with private nameservers and different SOA records.
  • Web Design and Development:  The final part of PBN SEO Setup is around the design and development aspect. It’s very important to show uniqueness in website design by using different themes and plugin combinations. Also, you need to show some variation in the site’s policy and page contents.

Why are Multiple IP (A, B, C Class) necessary?

While it is arguably true that Multiple Class C IP is the best, as it is presumed that the number of host IP addresses available in the network is far less than those of class A or B, thus making it easy dynamic host configuration protocol to manage.

However, the best practice is to use a variety of unique IPs to host your expired domains and for building your PBNs. It is good to keep a diversity to show that each domain is hosted on a unique IP and a different referring domain profile.

Therefore, the PBN hosting and multiple IP SEO hosting from SeekaHost is the most recommended PBN hosting solution.


In this guide, I have taken a different approach on how to build a great PBN and show you what matters and that really helps the SEO work.

PBNs are very effective if done the right way, and they can help rank websites very quickly. In fact, the benefits of building a PBN in the correct manner, far outweigh any associated risks – that is why PBNs are becoming more popular by the day. 

Albeit, most people still go about building PBNs the wrong way. PBNs will continue to go very strong and Google can do little about it, if its algorithm gives a lot of power to backlinks as a high-ranking factor.

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