Android Pie has been released for months now, and while Google’s Pixel devices and a handful of Nokia smartphones (including mid-range models) have gotten updated,

Software updates is why my next smartphone might be a Pixel or a Nokia

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Android Pie has been released for months now, and while Google’s Pixel devices and a handful of Nokia smartphones (including mid-range models) have gotten updated, I am clutching a Samsung flagship and manually checking for software updates every single day.

The Essential PH-1 smartphone received the update the same day it rolled out. Even some lowly smartphones, like the Infinix Smart 2 and Smart 2 Pro have been updated to Android Pie. Surprise!

But not my beloved Samsung Galaxy S9+. King of the hill, but stuck in the past. As a matter of fact, my phone is still running the November 1, 2018 security update. This is mid-January 2019.

What? The Nokia 7 Plus got the monthly security updates almost like clockwork.

The summary is that I am tired of waiting for Samsung. I am tired of stabbing my finger at that manual update menu twice or thrice a day.

I want One UI, which comes with the Android Pie update for Samsung phones. That piece of software looks tasty and fluid. I really am looking forward to using it.

samsung one ui in hand

But for someone who enjoys being on the bleeding edge, I want to experience new software early, not months after they are released. That puts me on a collission course with Sammy, who take all the tine in the world to roll out software updates.

Wanted: Timely Software Updates

So, after the Android Pie + One UI update arrives on this phone, when I am satisfied that I have used it to my satisfaction and I am ready to move on, I will likely be moving away from Samsung.

My options?

software update A520FXXU1AQF3 software updates

Google Pixel devices get Android software updates as fast as it can be done. Usually, it is same day the updates are rolled out.

Essential is another smartphone brand I would have loved to adopt. But they do not have a model release cycle yet. So far, there has been only one Essential phone, and it is getting dated.

My next logical port of call is Nokia. HMD Global has been superb with software updates so far. Nokia has become the defacto brand ambassador of the Android One project. All of the new Nokia smartphones are Android One devices, so timely updates are a part of the manufacturer’s game plan. And even the lowest end Nokia phones are getting fairly timely software updates.

You know, because nobody gets left behind. So, yes; Nokia is on my list.

Nokia 9 PureView

Basically, I will be stuck with stock Android software, as that is what both Google and Nokia roll with.

That is okay. Nobody will die. Not like anybody will die too of I stay with Samsung and keep waiting endlessly for their updates.

But what would the day of a rockstar tech blogger be without a rant about one thing or the other? LOL.

So, over to you. Are you big on software updates? Are they important to you? Are they important enough to sway your smartphone buying decision?

Or are you someone who couldn’t be bothered and is wondering what Mister Mobility is fussing about?

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