Introducing Nokia 106 dual SIM feature phone – Everything we know about it

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The new Nokia 106 dual SIM feature phone fits the description of a small “torchlight” phone that you can use alongside your Android or iPhone mobile device and ticks all the right boxes to pass as one.

With 800mAh battery, the Nokia 106 boasts up to 15 hours of talk time on a single charge and up to 21 days of stand-by time. That’s more battery life to stay in touch with family, friends, and business. This means the Nokia 106 dual SIM can serve as a backup phone and help you remain reachable when your smartphone battery is drained.

Nokia 106 dual feature phone

Nokia 106 Dual SIM specs

The Nokia 106 comes in a 1.8″ screen QQVGA with a 160 x 120 display, 4:3 ratio (111 per pixel inch), a 111.1 x 49.5 x 14.4 dimension and at 70g weight, gives a firm grip.

It has a tough polycarbonate build and what Nokia refer to as “inherent colouring” that runs through the material and makes it withstand scratches. It also runs on Nokia’s series 30+ software powered by a MTK 6261 D CPU processor.

The latest release from Nokia is a successor to the Nokia 106 that was unveiled in August 2013. It features a 4MB storage, 4MB RAM as well as a dual SIM with a capacity to store up to 2000 contacts and 500 SMS messages.

Guess what? The classic Snake Xenzia game is also available and other preloaded games like Nitro Racing, Danger Dash and Tetris are also available when you want to switch to game mode. However, these other games are try-and-buy. Other features include FM Radio, headphone jack, LED Flashlight, network speed (GSM 900/1800(EW), and Micro USB charger. The phone is available in dark blue and light gray.

The Nokia 106 dual SIM phone was announced in November 2018 by HMD Global, a Finnish mobile phone company with exclusive rights to the Nokia brand for mobile phones.

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