Samsung Phones Under 300 Dollars: The Best 3 Models To Consider

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Samsung smartphones are some of the best selling mobile devices in the world, and for good reason. The brand is tried and tested, making good quality, dependable products. But you do not have to break the bank to buy one. We found 3 of the best Samsung phones under 300 dollars that you can buy.

When looking for the best value budget models, Samsung’s A-series range of smartphones is where to look. And that is where we turn to for all the Samsung phones under 300 dollars listed in this shopping guide.

Let’s start with the company’s top bestseller from 2021, Samsung Galaxy A12. This budget smartphone outsold every other Samsung phone in the market and also every other Android phone in the world. It has to be good to be able to achieve that; right?

Samsung phones under 300 dollars: Galaxy A12

Samsung Galaxy A12 is one of the best Samsung phones under 300 dollars.
Samsung Galaxy A12

It is. To start with, it has a large 6.5-inch, PLS TFT, Infinity-V display with an 8-megapixel front camera, a MediaTek Helio P35, a rear camera with four lenses, highlighted by a main 48-megapixel lens, a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, a 5000mAh battery, and 15W quick charging.

But that isn’t all. Samsung A12 is such a versatile phone that it has multiple variants – 6 in all – so there is almost an A12 for everyone looking for a budget smartphone. Here are the available variants:

  • 2/32GB
  • 3/32GB
  • 4/64GB
  • 3/128GB
  • 4/128GB
  • 6/128GB

It gets easier to see why it has sold so many units till date; right? How much can you get one for? You can pick up the 3/32 GB trim for $150. If you want more resources and opt for the 4/64 GB variant, the financial damage to your pocket is a mere $175. Should you want the 4/128 GB model, you will still spend less than $300 – only $195.

What of the top 6/128 GB trim? Smile; you still will spend much less than the budget ceiling of this article. It will cost you only $200. It sure is easy to see why Samsung A12 was the top selling Android phone in 2021. Too easy.

It is a combination of decent specs and performance, including fantastic battery life. And it gives you enough options to pick something that matches your wallet or purse. It is definitely one of the best Samsung phones under 300 dollars that you can buy today, a year after its release.

Samsung phones under 300 dollars: Galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A50

If you want something with a little more power than the A12 without spending more than $300, you should have a look at Samsung A50.

This bad boy has a 6.4 inches, 2340 x 1080 pixels, AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 3 protection and an under-display fingerprint scanner, is powered by an Exynos 9610 processor, has a 25-megapixel front camera, a 25 MP triple camera at the rear, a 4,000 mAh battery, and 15W fast charging.

It doesn’t have as many variants as the A12, but it offers you options too: 4/64GB, 6/64GB, 4/128GB, and 6/128GB. More than enough options, if you ask me.

You will find Samsung A50 unlocked for $299.99 for the basic 4/64 GB trim. If you opt to buy a renewed model, you can shave off as much as $120 and get it for about $175. Unfortunately, if you want a configuration above the 4/64 GB variant, you will need to sell out more than $300.

Samsung phones under 300 dollars: Galaxy A02

Samsung Galaxy A03s

Finally, let’s look at something even more pocket-friendly than the Galaxy A12. Say hello to Samsung Galaxy A02. This is perhaps the cheapest Samsung phone on the international market (in African countries, the Galaxy A3 Core is cheaper and goes for the equivalent of $100, and then there is the Galaxy A03 Core selling for about the same price as the A02).

For $120 only, the A02 can be yours. That price will give you its basic trim with 2/32GB. There are other variants with 3/32GB, 4/32GB, and 3/64GB memory, though.

But note that you are giving up fingerprint scanner and fast charging. Samsung A02 lacks those features. It is perfect for someone looking for the cheapest Samsung phones under 300 dollars.

If you opt for the 3/32 GB or 3/64 GB trims, the price goes up to $134 and $147 respectively. Which is borderline Samsung A12 territory, in which case, I recommend that you go buy the latter instead. Samsung A02 just does not make sense if you are going to spend $150.

You may also consider Samsung Galaxy A03 Core. It is a more recent release and is similar to the A02 in most respects. It is available unlocked for $108 on Amazon.

Which is the cheapest Samsung phone?

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core is a dual-SIM, entry-level Android phone with a 6.5-inch display and 32GB built-in storage. It sells for $108 on Amazon.

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