OTP (One-Time Password): What does it mean?

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OTP is an abbreviation for One-Time Password or One-Time PIN. It is a password or PIN that is auto-generated and valid for only one login session or transaction.

Also called a one-time authorization code (OTAC), it is usually sent from a remote server via SMS or email, but can also be generated on a hardware device called a token.

What does OTP mean?

What does OTP mean?

It means one-time password or ene-time PIN, and is used for authorising transactions or logging into a service.

How is OTP used?

OTP allows you to login to a service or authorised a transaction without the use of a regular password that you have to memorise. It is usually sent to you by SMS or email by a service. Once you receive it, you enter the PIN or password in the specified field.

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