This Samsung portable SSD with fingerprint scanner is cool

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Samsung has scored a first with a portable SSD that is fitted with a fingerprint scanner. The Samsung T7 Touch was showcased at CES 2020.

Smartphone features keep being translated over to other kinds of devices and now the fingerprint scanner has found its way to portable solid state drives.

Samsung T7 Touch portable SSD with fingerprint scanner

Adding fingerprint authentication to a portable drive means the data on it cannot be accessed by just anyone.

Besides the fingerprint authentication feature, the Samsung T7 Touch also has a ‘Motion LED’, which allows the user to determine the status of the device simply with a single glance. That is similar to LED notification as implemented on some smartphones.

The T7 Touch is available in two colours – black and silver, and it comes in three memory variants – 500GB, 1TB and 2TB sizes,

The 500GB variant has a $129 price tag, the 1TB variant goes for $229 and the 2TB for $399  It will go on sale in Q2 2020.


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